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viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Lovely, romantic and hot novellas

Lately, I've been reading way too many novellas... Mmm, not really ;o) I love novellas! Short stories, serials... all are welcome into my reading addiction. They're like short-lived treats that satisfy a craving of the moment. Want to know what I've been reading lately?

Lauren Hawkeye & Tawny Stokes

What an intense first chapter! Seth's emotions explode when he thinks Theo is hurting Allegra. I loved how he runs to protect her, shaking with retribution and naked possessiveness.

The most tantalizing part is that nothing is too obvious, so Allegra cannot openly reject her brother over Seth's warnings against him. That puts her in the middle of an emotional war, her family on one side tugging at her sense of loyalty and her guilt, while on the other side it's Seth, the stepbrother who makes her blood hot and heart flutter in need for him.

They're both strong-willed and stubborn which makes sparks of heated encounters fly. Though Seth's alpha ways awaken a soft yielding in Allegra that's very sensual when they both give in to their Dom/sub passion.

Declarations of love, frustration, a horribly sick brother, a bloody mess and an incredibly fast-paced and adrenaline-infused finale had me glued to this fantastic third part of the series. It even had a romantic and funny note that was unexpected but as welcome as all the tension and bad-ass grit.

More from this author? Yes, please :o)

Coco Cadence

Outrageous, fun and sexy. What a treat! I had a great time reading this short story. The characters are feisty, the plot breaks the boundaries of propriety at every turn, and the steam just warms you up nicely.

On the one hand, we have this CEO who is making his assistant miserable with an obnoxious attitude. When he proposes she pretend to be his fake wife for a few weeks, she just explodes.

Against the wall, she has to comply but for a juicy reward.

Then, we have this mystery man who helps her ease her libido in hte most delightful and kinky ways, even if they've never actually been face to face. And the hot dish is served!

OMG, the things these two do together. The dialogues are snarky, fast, hilarious, and the demands Leo King keeps making get sexier by the second.

As the plan to fake a marriage progresses, Leo tortures and teases Samantha with a harsh, cold attitude, but also with words and kisses too hot and not enough to satisfy the cravings he's awakened in her. The knot becomes really tangled when fake and real mingle. I loved the teasing, the bickering, the confusing signals from Leo and especially the moment when their passion just explodes. Wow!

Now that cliffhanger is going to make for an impatient wait till part 2. I didn't see it coming but I do want to know what happens after that. Oh, you naughty Leo...

Ethan Radcliff

Two opposites collide in undeniable attraction, but will they heal or destroy each other.?

I was curious about the premise of the story. There is this boxer who's past his prime and too deep in drugs and partying, and there is the mature mother who cleans the sports facilities. The night they cross paths, he's too drunk to respect her, and she's too infatuated and lonely to deny him.
But the temptation leads to irresponsibility and a wake-up call for Joe Murphy big time.

I think the writing style is not too polished or meaningful to the plot. However, the story is catchy, the sexy times are plenty and entertaining.

I liked the character dynamics. Darlene has been on her own for a long time, thus she misses being cared for, loved. On the other hand, the story also tells that the way to redemption is by our own effort. Though it's nice when it's inspired by a person who can love you despite your mistakes.

All in all, it's a sexy, cute tale of getting over one's mistakes and finding love and hope with someone. 

Have you read any novellas lately? Tell me what you think about my choices. Thank you for your time, book buddies :o)

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