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jueves, 25 de abril de 2019

Surprise from Emma Hart!

Surprise 😃


Dangerous Magic, an all-new cozy mystery from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart writing as Evie Hart, is coming May 16th!


It’s not every day you have to return to your hometown to bind your borderline-poltergeist grandmother to the family property.
Unfortunately, today is that day for Avery Thorn.
All Avery wants is to report the binding to the Witch Council so she can fulfill her obligation, but finding a dead body and the Head of the Council on the brink of death isn’t in her plan.
Especially when she’s pegged as the number one suspect.
Now, it’s down to Avery and her cousins—and her sassy feline familiar—to figure out who tried to murder the Head of the Council. Magically bound to find the culprit, the last thing she needs is the new detective getting under her toes.
Unfortunately for her, she finds herself colliding with the hot cop more than she wants. And since her familiar hates him, it’s not always pleasant.
New magic and a devastating tragedy threaten to derail their investigations—but not quite as much as the person who isn’t happy they’re involved…


Sign up here to join the release tour for Dangerous Magic: https://forms.gle/CQpiQsoAzDQWsLWp8

About Evie
Evie Hart is the cozy mystery writing alter-ego of New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart.
Evie was born when her love of paranormal cozy mysteries jumped from her Kindle to the page. The Haven Lake Mystery series is her first foray into the paranormal cozy world and begins with DANGEROUS MAGIC.

Connect with Evie
Stay up to date with Evie by joining her mailing list here: http://bit.ly/2Gw3Jkg
Join Eve’s Reader Group: http://bit.ly/2vigSbl

I didn't expect this 💜

Would you make the Virginal Headlines?

Hi , book buddies ☺ Do you like romance on the media? Because this novel is putting love on the headlines ;-)


Pure cuteness and serendipity.
Obviously, the premise lured me in, and then the inviting and lively writing style completely captivated me.
What's more, it has a sweet meet-cute, a reformed serial dater, a smart and shy blogger, and a slow-burn romance spiced with wit, a potential deal-breaker, and some seriously scene-grabbing sidekicks.
I just melt for this kind of scenario. Virginal girl with a secret mission to expose a notorious serial dater, but then she falls in love and all hell breaks loose when the secret explodes in her hands.
I loved the author's colourful and creative style, the sweet and serendipitous little entounters as Grayson and Prim slowly fall for each other, the exciting rivaly between the dating blogs Virago and Stud, the inner war of Prim's doubts about honesty and ambition. It's a good point too that she's a lover of books, shy but brave, and he's got family issues which give him depth.
To me, the middle of the story dragged a bit, and the authenticity of the romance swayed a little because of the female character's lies. After all, he has feelings for someone who is not what he thinks. I felt somewhat disconnected until the final part when the plot and the bonding soared again with great chemistry, passion and sweet feelings in the couple's relationship.
It has all the heartbreak and heart-mending necessary to grant satisfaction and sigh contentedly. The next couple is also geared towards their own media-crazy plot. I think those social blogs are running on fun fuel :-D 
Favourite Quotes: 
Standing in front of him felt like being plugged in. All lights on in the house.
That's the thing about desperation. It loved to mimic courage. 


Virginal Headlines, an all-new standalone Romantic Dramedy by Candace Knoebel is NOW LIVE!


Twenty-three-year-old Primrose Amberly just landed the job of her dreams—with Virago, a leading women’s romance blog. All the knowledge she had about sex, she’d learned by reading their articles. And anyone who knew her would laugh if they found out what her first assignment was. Even she did…before curling into a sopping mess on the floor.

She had one month to turn a player into a stayer. To make New York’s swooniest playboy fall in love with her enough to retire his pick-up lines. With a rap sheet of broken hearts a mile long, Grayson Pierce and his panty melting smile have been featured on the covers of countless magazines. He was also direct competition, an employee of Virago’s rival blog.

A story on the illustrious bachelor was a prize piece. A headline that would shake the social media masses and ignite her name in the blogosphere. But there was one tiny problem—Primrose was a virgin. Had barely even been kissed. Forget thirty days. She couldn’t nail this story in thirty years, especially if she wanted to keep her virtue intact. Could she?

Grab your copy Now!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Worldwide - mybook.to/VirginalHeadlinesCK
Add to your TBR - http://bit.ly/2C8M1Ck

Welcome, ladies. I was thrilled to learn you were willing to sit with me for an interview… especially considering how busy you all are with your blog Virago. And of course, your love life. Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little about yourselves.

 Poppy: *leans forward* Well, obviously I’ll start us off. My name’s Poppy, and I’m a blogger here at Virago. I like long walks down the vodka aisle and men that aren’t afraid of a woman that doesn’t want to commit. *puts her arm around Prim sitting next to her*
This is Prim—my best friend and the star of Virginal Headlines. *points to Brinley* On the end is Brinley, our lead editor who is obsessed with a mysterious poet and painfully shy.

 Brinley: *shifts uncomfortably* Poppy: And on the other side of me is our boss Quinn. Feminazi. Man-Hater. An overall— Quinn: *clears throat* Thanks for that… enticing introduction, Poppy. *looks to interviewer* You’ll have to excuse her. Poppy’s somewhat rambunctious. Often times loud and without a filter. Oh, and— Poppy: Made of stardust and rainbows. *she winks*

 Prim: *giggling* Poppy’s the star of the next book in our series—Deadline To Date—where she’ll— Quinn: *places hand over Prim’s mouth* Don’t give it all away. Haven’t I taught you anything in the few months you’ve been with our blog? We’re here to promote your story *looks to interviewer* which releases on April 25th. *looks back at Prim* Stop it with that innocent, thoughtful heart of yours. Poppy doesn’t need any more air blown up her ass or her head will explode.

 Poppy: *snorts* This coming from the woman who ends up being the star of The Hate Report. A telling of a scorned woman forced to work with an old flame. Quinn: *turns red* Poppy: What? Did I give away too much… Quinn?

 Quinn: *glares at Poppy and then turns to Brinley* Brinley, why don’t you tell the interviewer about yourself in your own words. Anything to keep this one quiet. Lord knows she loves the sound of her own voice. *hitches a thumb in Poppy’s direction*

 Brinley: *eyes wide as everyone turns attention to her* Well, I… I guess I’m just… I’m me. Prim: *places hand over Brinley’s* She’s sweet, beautiful, and quietly clever. She also has a nose for talent and a beautiful voice. Brinley: *eyes widen further* Prim: I hear you sometimes singing to yourself behind the walls of your cubicle. You shouldn’t be afraid of your talent. Embrace yourself. Be proud. Brinley: I umm… well, I guess you’ll find out more about me when Quote To My Heart releases. I’m the last to go in the series. Poppy: Because you have horrible luck in the dating department. How many blind dates have you been on in the last month? Brinley: *squirms* Seven. Prim: *glares the shut up eyes at Poppy* She just hasn’t met her one yet. That’s all. Quinn: Working at Virago, it’s hard to find that ‘one’.

  Which leads me to my next question—Virago… what does it stand for? Poppy: *snorts* That’s a loaded question. Quinn: I think I’ll take this one. Virago’s a word I fell in love with while in college. Historically, it was a title a woman could earn if they were exceptionally heroic, moral, and strong. If they became equal to the ideals of a man. Ideals that women have always carried, but have never been attributed. That’s what our blog stands for. We write about women, by women, for women. We tackle headlines on every front be it political or the typical celebrity gossip. A one-stop shop for the everyday woman. Poppy: We’re the counterpart to Stud—the leading men’s blog—where Prim’s new beau Grayson Pierce works. *Poppy eyes turn impish* And which is owned by he who shan’t be named. A blog that is a continuous thorn in our sides throughout the series. Interviewer: He who shan’t be named? Prim: Harrison Cunningham. He owns Stud and well… he used to… Quinn: Oh, for heaven’s sake. Just say it—he and I used to be a thing back in college. But all of that will be tackled in The Hate Report. Lord, grant me enough whiskey to get through the release of that book. All my secrets aired like dirty laundry. Poppy: *rubs hands together* Bring it on.  

  So, Love Between The Headlines… I’m sensing this a theme. Throughout these four stories, are we to learn of what goes on behind the scenes in the blogging world? Prim: In a nutshell, yes. Love is hard to find in the business we’re in. We’re constantly having to choose between love and our careers while trying to find a healthy balance for both. Being a journalist… a blogger… it isn’t always easy. Especially when the subject is about someone you care about. Poppy: *leans back* Don’t include me in that. I have a healthy balance. It’s called: No Strings Attached. Quinn: Yes. And we see how well you’ve done with that logic. Especially considering your reaction whenever Finley comes around. 

Interviewer: Finley?

 Prim: He’s Grayson’s best friend and, well, a complication in Poppy’s love life. Poppy: *scowls* More like a pit stain. Brinley: Honestly, I think she’s in love with him. Poppy: *glares down Brinley* Brinley: *curls into herself* Poppy: I’m not in love with him. I don’t even know what love is. But he, however, is in love with me. He made that very clear. Well, until he… *looks away, sad* Quinn: Next question.  

  Well, I can most definitely sense some tension when the word love is brought up. To wrap this up, can you tell the readers what they’re getting into? Are these standalones? Will we see all of you in every book? Are there any HEAs? Steam? Cliffhangers?

Quinn: Wow with the firing off there, paparazzi. You know some of those cleverly inserted questions we can’t answer. We can’t give away the endings. Telling you if there’s an HEA or not is like reading the last page before starting the book. Prim: But, to give you some insight, there are definite HEAs. And, no, there are no cliffhangers. Poppy: But there is plenty of steam. I’d brag that you’d find it all in my story, but I’m feeling generous today. The steam alert is strong within this group of females. We know what we want, and we take it. And the men… *licks lips* Prim: *fans herself* Brinley: You’ll see each of us throughout the series. Some of our story will carry on through everyone’s book. They can each be read as a standalone, but it’s best to read in order. Poppy: Yeah. How else will you keep consecutive order of every one of Brinley’s failed dates? Prim: *puts arm around Brinley’s shoulder* Even the clouds have to give way to the sun at some point. You’re not a lost cause. Poppy’s just jealous that you have the emotional capability to put yourself out there. Poppy: *snorts* Quinn: And with that, I’ll say I think that about wraps it us for us, ladies. There’s still work to be done. Those posts aren’t going to write themselves. And, Prim, I need you in my office after this. Poppy: Ooooh. Someone’s in trouble. Quinn: *shoots a look to Poppy* I wasn’t finished. I need to see you after her. Brinley, try to keep the crying to a minimum today.  

  Okay then, well, thank you again for taking this time with me. I can’t wait to get my hands on your stories. I’m sure my readers will feel the same.

 Quinn: April 25th. Virginal Headlines. Steamy. Angsty. Funny. Be sure to grab your copy and find your inner Virago. Prim: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview. And, if you do pick up Virginal Headlines, I want to thank you for that as well. Without you, my story would remain letters pressed within pages, never given the chance to breathe life. Poppy: I’m just going to part by saying—you’re welcome for the shit show you just witnessed. Read our books to see more. And if you really want a good laugh, keep your eyes peeled for the release announcement of Deadline To Date coming this summer featuring none other than moi. Check out the author behind our stories’ Facebook page for more information. Quinn: Or sign up to her newsletter. You’re more likely to see her announcements in your inbox than relying on Facebook nowadays. Brinley: *gets up and leaves before anyone asks her anything else*

About Candace Knoebel

Candace Knoebel is a hopeless romantic with an affinity for whiskey and good music. Her love of words began when she met the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. She's a self-proclaimed Lost Girl. Words are her mirror. With two completed series, her work ranges from paranormal to contemporary, all centered heavily around romance. Currently she lives in Florida with her husband and two children, and has just completed her thirteenth novel, The Taste of Her Words.

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Enjoy your reading time ☺ 

How to have The Perfect First

Hi, book buddies ☺ It's the first time I read this author and I enjoyed the story, so here it is for you to discover too 😉

💕💙 The Perfect First 💙💕
Author: Maya Hughes
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber, Qamber Designs
Release Date: April 25, 2019


“How long do you last in bed?” Those were her first words to me, swiftly followed up with, “And how big would you say you are?”

Cue the record scratching, what?!

Persephone Alexander. Math genius. Lover of blazers. The only girl I know who can make Heidi braids look sexy as hell. And she’s on a mission. Lose her virginity by the end of the semester.

I walked in on her interview session for potential candidates (who even does that?) and saw straight through her brave front. She’s got a list of Firsts to accomplish like she’s only got months to live. I’ve decided to be her guide for all her firsts except one. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble. I have one rule, no sex. We even shook on it.

I’ll help her find the right guy for the job. Someone like her doesn’t need someone like me and my massive...baggage for her first time.

Drinking at a bar. Check.

Partying all night. Double check.

Skinny dipping. Triple check.

She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. The walls I’d put up around my heart are slowly crumbling with each touch that sets fire to my soul.

I’m the first to bend the rules. One electrifying kiss changes everything and suddenly I don’t want to be her first, I want to be her only. But her plan was written before I came onto the scene and now I’m determined to get her to re-write her future with me.


Fun and pretty new adult romance. It's packed full of little dares, a sock war, adorable camaraderie, a sweet couple and a first love that makes any girl envious.
The tile plays with Persephone's bucket list of first experiences that she tackles with the ferocity of an inmate sentenced to death. The first two chapters are dedicated to introducing the characters' current situations. I got bored with Reece's life as it is all about sport and friends, but I liked Seph's claustrophobic state of mind that prompted her to post the infamous ad in search of perfect first experiences.
He's a football player trying to go pro and she's over-the-top smart. Opposites attract and combust in this very cute romance. I really liked the interview she conducts to find a potential candidate with very inaproppriate questions. The way she meets Reece has serendipity written all over it. I enjoyed the fun, endearing and slow-burn motion of them falling in love. There are some delicious intimate scenes mixed with romantic dates. 
Another important aspect is the issues they both have with their families. He learns about his father's hidden truth and she finds the inner strength to free herself from a dominating and crushing influence. They grow and mature, and the ending if full of swoons and laughs. I think there was a lot of scenes involving the Fulton University boys because this book is the stage for their oncoming stories ;-)


Grab your copy at $2.99 for release week ONLY!! Or read it for FREE in KU!


Maya Hughes can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! :-) I’m a romance writer who loves taking inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer practice.
I’m the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing until I can’t breathe and traveling with my family.


Good luck 😀

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2019

Cover Reveal: The Billionaire Boss Next Door

Hi, book buddies :-) How are you doing? Ready for a new reading experience? ;-) It is COVER REVEAL time!

TBBND - CR banner.jpg

The Billionaire Boss Next Door, an all-new hilarious romantic standalone from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe, is coming May 16th and we have the sexy cover!


My new boss has it all. In spades.
Gorgeous green eyes? Check.
Hard-and-sexy body? Check. Intelligence? Check.
Success? A big fat billionaire… Check.

Too bad I haven’t started out on the best foot.
My big mouth has already turned him against me, and tempting good looks and success aside, Trent Turner is no peach either. He’s stubborn and thick-headed, and son of a fruitcake, he thinks he knows everything there is to know about the hotel business.
With him running the development of the new Vanderturn New Orleans Hotel and me doing the design, our work relationship is far too intimate for two people who absolutely despise one another.
But that’s not all.
See, he isn’t just my billionaire boss from hell. He’s my new neighbor, too.
Same city. Same building. Same floor.
Trent Turner is my billionaire boss next door.
Holy moly, let’s hope my career—and hormones—can survive.

Disclaimer: If you generally love to suffer, hate fun of any kind, and are allergic to laughter, this book is not for you.

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2uEva5S

About Max Monroe:

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.
Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​

Connect with Max Monroe:  
Stay up to date with Max Monroe by joining their mailing list today: https://www.authormaxmonroe.com/newsletter

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martes, 23 de abril de 2019

You wanted Her Submission and here it is

Hi, book buddies :-) How are you doing? Ready for a new reading experience? ;-)

Once again I have the great pleasure to bring you another novel by LISA RENEE JONES. Today is release day of the final part of The Dirtier Duet.



Live-wire intensity from the very first page. It's all sizzling with threatening energy as this passionate couple, Gabe and Abbie, face the law, the past and a triunvirate of enemies in a last stand. So exciting!

The author's style relies heavily on dialogues, so every pull and push of the plot happens while characters are talking, teasing, planning, verbally sparring and proclaiming their fears, promises and raw feelings in the open. 

The main characters are committed to saving each other. However, they're carrying a heavy load of guilt and conditioning from past experiences. Therefore, they demand trust though they cave in to fear of losing each other and their hearts in the process. I think that's why they make mistakes that add lots of tension, duel of wills and bumps into their relationship.

I absolutely enjoyed the dynamics among the characters that conform the series as they come up with strategies to deal with the criminal investigation around Abbie's ex-husband. The intimate scenes are scarce but well placed and passionate ;-)

When the time comes for Gabe to confess his darkest sin, I was taken aback. Wow, that was a pretty brutal bomb. I got why he was so worried that Abbie could leave him. Maybe she should've taken a while longer to forgive such a grave matter. Anyways, the resolution of the conflicts was good, laying maybe some foundation for future trouble. 

I can see that man Jean Claude as a fine specimen for another novel :-D And oh, how much I loved all the interaction with the dog Dexter. That was priceless. The final chapters also rounded the characters' closure very well. This is a very worthy duet.

Favourite quote: 
I've lived with ice inside, a part of me always a wrong move away from shattering.

The second and final book in the Dirtier Duet by Lisa Renee Jones.

Abbie swore that she was done with rich, powerful men. They've hurt her. They've hurt her mother, who she will do anything to protect. She's done playing the submissive. She's ready to fight back. The problem is that Gabe Maxwell is one of those rich, powerful men and he refuses to be ignored. He's in her path and she can't seem to steer clear of him. He wants her. She wants him. But it's not that simple. There is more to her story, more than Gabe knows, but then, there is more to Gabe's story than Abbie knows, too.


Apple → https://apple.co/2Tm8CBr
Kobo → http://bit.ly/2MHsOvd


“What do you want, Abbie?” Gabe demands, tearing his mouth from mine. “Say it. I need you to be clear. What do you want? But be careful what you ask for. You’ll get it.” “More,” I say, twisting my hands in his T-shirt. “More of you, Gabe. All of you.” He slides his hands under my leggings, palming my backside I left bare in the rush to take out Dexter. “More doesn’t get you a nice, funny guy, Abbie.” “Thank f*ck for that. Show me. Stop hiding. Stop trying to be only what you think I want, Gabe. Stop trying to be less than you are because that makes us less than we can be.” “And if you can’t handle who I am?” I’m on fire now, poking the bear and I can’t hold back. “And you’re afraid to find out. Is fear all I make you feel?” His mouth suddenly crashes down on mine once more, his tongue pressing past my teeth, his kiss demanding, angry. He’s pissed. At me. At himself, I think, and that’s what I want to know. That’s the part of him I want to understand, I want to demand he show me. “Get undressed,” he orders, setting me back from him, crossing his arms in front of that broad perfect chest of his. My chin lifts in defiance, in refusal to allow him to intimidate me. Maybe he wants me to think he’s a monster like Kenneth. Maybe that should even piss me off but it doesn’t. It challenges me. I pull my shirt over my head and toss it aside. “See?” I say. “Sometimes I even follow orders.” I unhook my bra, shrugging it away, exposing my naked breasts, the cold air puckering my nipples. “I must be very, very afraid of you.” I toe off my shoes and peel away my leggings, no panties to fret with. I’m not wearing any. Naked now but for socks, I’m not messing with, I close the small space between us and stand in front of him.

“Or maybe I was right. You’re the one who’s afraid.” He catches my hip and drags me to him. “You’re playing with fire.” “Stop warning me away and pulling me back. Choose, Gabe. All in, remember? Or is that code for only if it’s me?” His jaw clenches, his gaze lowering, raking over my naked breasts, and I can’t explain it, but I’m more naked right now, in this moment, with this man, than I’ve ever been before. “All in, Abbie. That’s what you want? That’s what you’ll get.” He backs me up and presses my hands on the bar behind me and at my sides. He shackles my hips, and pulls me forward, forcing me to use them to hold myself up. “Keep your hands there,” he orders. “If you move them, I’ll punish you.” Heat rushes through me but there is no fear. I don’t fear this man the way I feared Kenneth. I will never fear Gabe. I damn sure don’t fear the thick bulge of his erection pressing against my belly. “Punish me?” I challenge. “How would you punish me, Gabe?” “You still haven’t been properly spanked, now have Abbie?” “You spanked me, remember?” “That was a love pat, remember? A spanking” he adds, most likely for effect, as he’s watching me with hooded eyes. “My hands on your pretty little ass. My c*ck buried inside you while I make it burn.” His hand on my ass. Spanking me. His eyes lower to my mouth, linger with a promise of a kiss I crave but that doesn’t come, his gaze lifting with his own challenge. “Are you scared now?”

 “If that’s the goal, it’s safe to say that you failed. I’m pretty sure what’s going on with me right now, can not be described as fear. Are you scared?” I expect him to laugh or balk but he doesn’t. He leans in close, his lips at my ear, “From the day I met you, baby. From the day I met you.” He pulls back to look at me, blue eyes lit up and like fires in a forest, they burn a path through me. “And you’re right. I am pushing you. Right here. Right now. Don’t move.”


HIS DEMAND (book one) - Available Now
HER SUBMISSION (book two) - Available Now


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.
In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling WHITE LIES and LILAH LOVE series.
Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Beauty meets the Professor in this gripping romance

Hi, book buddies :-) How are you doing? Ready for a new reading experience? ;-)

I've had the pleasure of reading a beautiful novel by SKYE WARREN, a recurring author on this blog. Here I present you with...



A poignant tale of love and self-worth. Beautiful writing, soft as a caress. 

I couldn't help myself when I heard this story had been revised to be republished. I had read it years ago, loved it so much it still lingered on my mind. After all, it was my first book by this author and I never looked back, hooked on her mesmerising words ever since.

This modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast delves deeper than skin into ugliness and beyond to what the heart hides. Al the fears, the sense of not being enough, of keeping on losing our dreams no matter the effort to prevent it.

There is soul in this book, and a lot of passion.

The first scene is pure forbidden sensuality as Erin inadvertedly bumps into a private moment when her boss is pleasing himself. It is subtly provocative and intimate due to the innocence mixed with the openness of the incident. From then on, Erin and Blake cannot deny the force of their pull. 

He's a scarred man with heavy issues from his military experience, whereas Erin is the young college student who cleans his house. Talk of power play! So many alarm bells there. Both points of view shed light onto their inner thoughs about the dangers of thteir relationship, but mainly about their insecurities. Will they be enogh? Will she really need him as much as he needs her, and viceversa? It's relatable, achingly tender. And all the while they share this unmistankenly arousing intimacy that blows the walls around them.

The secret of their relationship increases the dangers exponentially until they explode in one final test. That was painful and it opens their eyes to how fragile life and dreams are. I was really sad about the cliffhanger because it took courage for them to go there. Both characters are devastated despite their feelings for each other. Thankfully, it's only a short while before the second book puts us out of our misery :-D

Favourite Quotes: 

She fell to pieces, awash in a sea of sweet senses, a land with no edges and no divides.

Their bodies communicating in an ancient language.

Ah, but you already rule me. Anything else is just a game we play.

Beauty and the Professor

Series: A Modern Fairy Tale Duet #1
Author: Skye Warren
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2019

BEAUTY AND THE PROFESSOR is the first book in A Modern Fairy Tale duet.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student...

Erin cleans Mr. Morris's house twice a week to pay her tuition. The reclusive ex-soldier intimidates her, but she can't help but feel sympathy for him. Then she walks in on him touching himself, and she has much darker, much more sensual feelings.

And a beastly professor with scars he can't hide...

Blake Morris knows he's scarred both inside and out. He's reclusive and surly. Nowhere near good enough for the smart and beautiful young woman who cleans his house.

He receives an offer to return to his alma mater as an associate professor. This is his chance to reenter the world--and to be worthy of the woman he dreams about. He never expected to see her sitting in his classroom on the first day of the semester. 


Author's Note:
 This book was previously published as a serial in multiple parts, including Beauty Touched the Beast, Beneath the Beauty, and Broken Beauty. They've been collected into this volume and revised for new readers.

$2.99 for a limited time!!


Coming Soon!

Releasing April 30, 2019


About the mastermind

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance such as the Chicago Underground series. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, two sweet dogs, and one evil cat. 

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