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miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015

I want a reservation at The Hotel + giveaway

I'm so glad I could read this serial, book buddies, but I'm also really sad to see it go :o(


Oh, this is amazing! After the catastrophic events in the previous part, I was biting my nails with excitement to know what would happen next.

Will Juliet crumble down and get defeated? Will Dominic crack a bit and let her in again? No hope for anyone as all my hopes were crushed with that first chapter. Awesome, painful, challenging, and surprising.

I loved the boiling emotions, the raw anger and hurt that singe every encounter between Dom and Juliet. And the plot keeps spinning in unexpected, wild ways. Betrayal, conspiracies and dramatic action blow up the pace of the story.

I was panting through every surprise, every hot kiss (and much, much more than kisses), and every scene full of lust, hatred, broken bones and vibrant narrative.

I was so sad to see the story end! I've fallen in love with this amazing hotel and its guests. Such an original story. Where shall I book a room for my mind now?


Part Three
Series: The Hotel: A Billionaire Seduction #3
Author: Lola Darling
 Release Date: July 29, 2015

“The best sex is hotel sex…”

My secret is out. Now commanding billionaire Dominic Rexford knows the truth, he wants me gone from his luxury hotel. My career is over before it’s even begun – unless I make a deal with the devil to earn back his trust.

But there’s more than just my heart on the line. The stakes are rising, and someone isn’t playing by the rules. How far will Dom go to crush the competition? And when the time comes, will he choose his empire – or me?

The serial




Lola Darling is a romantic with a naughty side. Texas born and raised, she has met a few Mr. Wrongs and is having fun looking for her Mr. Right.

She can be found at her laptop, daydreaming of dirty talking men in well-fitted suits or in the bath enjoying a glass of wine.



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Good luck, book buddies

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