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lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Double Review: Stark Affair and The Finnegan Brothers

Hey, book buddies. How are you doing? I hope you're hoarding on good books for the coming cold weather. Today, I'm going to tell you about a couple of serials I've started reading.

The Stark Affair
Book One: Heat
Colton Stark is filthy rich. A billionaire playboy who drives fast and plays hard, he enjoys 
an endless stream of party girls... at his mansion, on his yacht, and in his private jet. 
He's also top of Miami-Dade Police Department's list of suspected narcotics traffickers. 
Tough girl cop Sofia grew up on the mean streets of Miami, unafraid to kick anyone's 
ass. When asked to investigate Colton, she doesn't even consider it a challenge. 
Until she comes face-to-face with Colton Stark's penetrating blue eyes. 
After a steamy meeting at his South Beach club, Sofia finds herself playing a dangerous 
but sexy game with her own principles. As evidence mounts of Colton Stark's dirty 
dealings, together they spark a bonfire of passionate heat. 

Mature content. 18+ only. Goodreads


A dirty-mouthed cop who thinks she can go undercover and outsmart a criminal mastermind.

A computer genius who's sinfully hot and secretive.

If there were ever a bomb ready to explode at first touch, here it is.

This story is far from the usual stuff. Unorthodox characters, stark situations, and a suspenseful plot all wrapped up in raw language and heated encounters.

To me, a latina cop as a heroine is as unusual as the rich heir who's stealing money from his own company. Those two have interesting stories to tell on their own, and when their paths collide the story gets extremely addictive.

Sofia is about to enter the lion's den to investigate what is going on behind Stark Worldwide's impressive image of success. I loved how she resorts to her brother's expertise to update her on feminine charms. After all, she's a tough cop who shudders at the sight of high heels. It was so much fun to see her succumb to her instincts at the club where she just blows her cover by doing heroics. 

I was impressed, actually, by the sheer originality and TV-feel of the story. Colton, the mysterious man with a plan, is as intrigued by Sofia s I am by Shylar Cross' new serial. Way to go!

Check out Skylar on the web



What do you do when running away isn't enough?
Lena's problems have caught up with her. Both of them. Blake and Slade Finnegan.
Now that her secret is out, there's no denying her feelings, for both of them.
There's no escaping the Finnegan Brothers.


Two brothers and wounded girl. That's a good premise to start reading. With a very casual style, the author sets up the situation. Lena and Blake have a hot relationship, but a family crisis intrudes in their private world and sends Lena into a hole of despair. That's when she makes a grievous mistake that involves her boyfriend's older brother, Slade.

What I liked the most about this novella is that past and present alternate, creating a little bit of tension about what went on when Lena had to leave town four years prior. The mystery surrounding the two hot brothers was as cool as Lena's hot encounters with them.

Things get really explosive as the truth stirs everything up in the second novella. It was fun to see Lena trying to escape the brothers and the messy consequences of the past. What I didn't enjoy  as much is how she drifts from them and then hardly interact with each other until a big something happens at the end. What that big thing is, though, remains a mystery until the next installment.

All in all, the story is okay and I'm really curious about what's going to happen with the brothers and if Lena is going to end up with any of them at all. Maybe both? Let's cross our fingers!


Have you read these stories, book buddies? Or any others by these authors? What did you think?

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