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domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

I'm Possessed again + giveaway

Sometimes, I feel possessed by books. By their stories, their characters, their feelings. It's a wonderful way to feel every day. 

Do you remember when I first told you about POSSESSED, by Coco Cadence? I'f having such a great time reading this serial. Read my opinion of part 1 here, and then, go on to...



It's so thrilling to be able to read the second part of such a feisty, funny, hot story.

After the bomb that was dropped at the end of part 1, I was all riled up for what was coming. Sam is a woman scorned and you know what they say! Her hellish fury knows no bounds. Despite all her anger at Leo King and his manipulative, seductive lies, she needs some comfort, some consolation. I loved how she resorts to her mystery man, so reliable to give her anonymous pleasure, but it's not enough after discovering real passion with Leo.

This episode is a string of heated encounters and even hotter explosions of lust. Sam takes all her anger out to play with her invisible Master online, but when she and Leo finally have a real talk and secrets come out into the open, the make-up sexy times are just of this world. Wow. Sweating with awe and tingling appreciation here :-D 

One of the things I enjoy a lot about Sam is that she always speaks her mind in no unclear or ladylike terms. She also wants something deeper than mere fun, though she craves that, of course. I was very proud of her when she relinquishes a part of her life that wasn't fulfilling enough anymore. Only to find out that the pile of lies that she's been a victim of is growing even higher. What a cliffhanger! I think part 3 is going to involve a lot of vendetta. And it's not coming soon enough!

Part 2
Author: Coco Cadence
Release Date: April, 5
Genre: Erotic/romance


What is it about?
I thought it couldn’t get any worse when my boss, the billionaire bad boy Leo King, blackmailed me into becoming his fake wife. Turns out he has secrets up his sleeve that put a whole new spin on the word douchebag.

Not only did he put my job on the line, my heart has now also become his playground. He seduced me once, but I refuse to fall for his lies again.

If only I had enough chocolate to distract me from his sexy presence. Something tells me he won’t give up the fight to claim me again.

Is he really only into one-night stands or is he lying to get into my pants? Only one way to find out ... Time to buy more booze.

The second part of Possessed, a three-part series from Coco Cadence. Note: This ends in a cliffhanger.

About the Mastermind

Coco Cadence is an erotic romance writer, who loves cocky heroes and smartass heroines. She adores happy ever after’s as much as her fans do, and she will never stop writing them. In her free time she enjoys reading a good book, playing with her cute dogs, and spending quality time with her soon-to-be husband, but you can always find her drifting off into her mind to think of new stories.

Giveaway time

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Good luck, book buddies! And don't forget to be possessed at least once a day ;o)

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