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lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

HF comes for seconds

You can't seriously mean you don't know about this hot, hot serial, book buddies. Come on. Fix it right away! I fangirled all I could about HATE F*@K part one in my review here, and now it's time for amazing part 2. You just have to trust me on this. You need to read it. ASAP.

First, let me introduce you to COLE. 

I know, right? Hard... to forget.

Then, read what Goodreads has to say about his story.

Warning: This is just the start. This doesn't end well. And it's going to get much worse before it ever gets better.Cole:I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me.
Hailey:If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and fuck me.Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap.

Now on to seconds with the man...

I love the first line!

I have never been so worried and so pissed off at the same time.

It perfectly reflects the essence of the story. It's half emotional bet, half witty fun.

This second part is just as good as the first one, though it manages to elevate itself enough to give a stronger thrill. Cole and Hailey are sharing unwanted feelings, all crashing into hot, angry lovemaking that leaves everyone breathless, myself included.

Sometimes I wanted to shake Hailey for rejecting Cole's honest emotions towards her. She might be vulnerable, but she surely knows how to shield herself from showing it to him. Oh, but Cole lives in a dangerous, complicated, hard-hearted world, and she's afraid to be swallowed by it and spit out like she's nothing. That's a harsh reality to yield to even if the bait is as scrumptiously tempting as Horus Group member Cole. That man! Is it wrong of me to love him a little? After all, he's as darkly alluring as that organization where he works alongside another bunch of colourful and very talented males.

Besides the intense relationship, there's a pretty suspenseful plot that makes a strong backbone of this story. Espionage, obscure politics, computer hacking, dirty secrets... all add up to a twisted, edgy plot that pushes Cole and Hailey apart, and had me glued to my e-reader. I loved all of it. Not to mention the hot intimacy. Wait, I do want to mention it. It was so freaking hot! I ended up panting...

HF 2 satisfied me on all levels. Feisty writing style, funny and honest dialogues, clever plot, dirty sexy times. I love the bite in Cole and Hailey's relationship, and that there is hope in their future. And I loved to hate that terrible, wonderful cliffhanger at the end. Oh, Ainsley Booth, you're a wicked lady writer ;o)

 part three coming end of April 2015 
Future Horus Group books to be announced…

Isn't this good news? :o)

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