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martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Hate or love in disguise? Review plus interview

Book buddies, I'm so pleased that I found out about this author and her next serial. It just looks so amazing! Please, welcome AINSLEY BOOTH and her naughty-and-clever Horus Group stories. Let's start with Cole Parker first.

That provocative title startled me at first, but I can honestly say the snappy & good-humoured writing style helped the story as much as the premise itself.

We have a family steeped in political and sexual scandal, and one of the daughters refuses to suffer the consequences. Despite her attempt at freedom, she can't deny her off-limits attraction to the man hired to protect the family from paparazzi and social ruin.

Through the perspectives of both Hailey and Cole, we get to know the situation, their undeniable chemistry and the details of their lives. It's feisty, hot, funny, and highly enjoyable.

Let's talk about the characters. I liked Hailey because she's curvy and she speaks her mind. Cole, on the other hand, is strong, handsome and drives like James Bond! He's also a man of dark secrets. How can you say no to a literary man like that?

Lots of obstacles prevent them from turning their illicit lust into a straight forward relationship, so they fight it with anger, ill-advised taunts and shoves. All the while Cole's job makes him act cold and hot in turns. Wow, I can't stress enough how wonderfully arousing were those encounters when they exchange snarky retorts and scorching sexy times.

One thing that made the story even more interesting was that Cole is resisting Hailey because his life is full of dark deeds. He know she deserves better, she is better. So he pushes her away only to need her even more. Even though they act as if it's all casual and meaningless, something else stirs between them. I loved that struggle, and Hailey's secret thoughts.
Then, I was freaked out when the last chapter threw a big surprise to my face. I was panting for various reasons at that moment! That cliffhanger was worthy of a thriller. I need my second dose about now.


Thank you so much, Ainsley, for taking the time to sate a reader's curiosity about your work. I'm so glad :o)

What prompted you to choose such a colourful title for your story?
The title came first, actually, and then the cover. I sat on it for a few months until I figured out the story behind it. 

How long is this serial and how did you plan it?

It's a 3 book serial, and I didn't plan it so much as just start writing. Cole and Hailey are the ones that dictated the three book length.

What are you most excited about in this serial?

I love the cliffhangers. I love them so much, which is really interesting, because I come from a contemporary romance background, where cliffhangers are off-limits.

I loved this first glimpse into the Horus Group. 
Do you plan to write stories about other members?

Yep, I have stories for Tag, Wilson and Jason (in that order). Cole and Hailey's story will be wrapped up at the end of their three part serial, but the story of The Horus Group is just beginning. And each of those guys need to find love in their own twisted way.

How would you describe your writing routine?

Pretty ordinary, actually. I take my kids to school, then go to Starbucks, set up my workspace: computer, notebook, coffee, timer... and then I get my freak on. ;) LOL

Actually, I write with a bunch of other authors, in an online chat room. We do writing sprints all day long. It's amazing.

I really enjoyed your writing style: passionate, funny and intense. Do you rewrite and edit a lot, or does the story come naturally?

I revise as I write, so what I finish at the end of a day is usually what the final draft looks like for my editor. Revisions happen after the book is done (tightening, clarifying, etc.), but I don't write multiple drafts of a book.

Tell readers how you prepare/inspire yourself for the steamy scenes.

Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration, and the preparation...well, really, they just happen like any other scene. Mimi Strong once told me to start with foreplay (good tip for anyone :P), and really, when you think about it like that -- don't think "I've gotta write a sex scene today", but "I'm going to write a lingering look or some unspoken tension", that's much easier.

How do you balance plot and eroticism?
The trick for me is not thinking about them as two separate things -- I don't have a plot, with sex interspersed throughout. I start with a story that has a sexual conflict or motivation at its core, and allow the action of that plot to develop naturally. Another author gave me a great tip early on--don't write sex, write foreplay. If you do that, then the sex writes itself, because it's starting on an authentic foundation.

Can you tell us a couple of romance books you've loved?

I'd love to! Two of my all-time favourites are Nina Lane's Arouse and Megan Hart's Dirty, and recently I devoured Alisha Rai's A Gentleman on the Street and Kati Wilde's motorcycle club trilogy. Highly recommend all of those!

What are your writing plans for this year?

Hate F*ck: part two and HF: part three are what I'm working on right now, then my contemporary romance alter-ego gets most of the writing calendar time over the summer. Next up for me is Wilson's story in The Horus Group -- hope to have that out in the fall! 

Part two coming end of March 2015
 part three coming end of April 2015 
Future Horus Group books to be announced…

Isn't this good news? :o)

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