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jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Fiona Davenport is back with Brief Me Baby

This Fiona Davenport has loaded her guns with a lot of powder! ;-)

Brief Me, Baby

A Yeah, Baby Novella
Fiona Davenport
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Guy Rule: No sleeping with the competition.

Jaxon Croix is a smooth talker who’s used to success in life. But despite the law firm partnership, showcase home, and expensive sports car, something is missing… until he meets Natalie Gardner. He knows she’s meant to be his, and he doesn’t waste any time going after her.
Natalie fell into Jax’s bed before she knew his history with her new employer. She’s in for a rude awakening when she finds him sitting across the table for a deposition in her boss’s divorce. Knowing her job is on the line, she tries to put the brakes on her relationship with Jax… only he’s not willing to let her go.

My opinion

Two lawyers in opposing teams make for a very exciting couple time!

So far, I think this has one of the most determined, possessive cavemen-alpha males I've seen in the Baby series. He's utterly besotted with his lady and he never relents in pursuing her, making her his in all ways.

This novella is fun and sexy, set against a divorce case that puts a dent in the budding relationship between Jax and Natalie. Yet there's nothing that stops him from seducing and claiming the woman he needs to be happy. I liked the sweet and intense way they meet, and how deeply he falls for her. This man's insta-love with pregnancy is hilarious and very informative ;o) And there is a lot of romance in his bossy strategy. That's why I pouted when the story ended, it felt too short.  I think it'd be great with a couple of epilogues to see into their future together.


“Four days,” he growled into my mouth before capturing it in another searing kiss.
After doing my best to avoid him, I should have tried to push out of his arms. We were in his office for f*k’s sake, but that didn’t seem to matter to me as I melted into his embrace. When he lifted his head, our chests were heaving, and I couldn’t remember why I’d run from him in the first place. My head was spinning, and the only reason I stayed on my feet was because his hands were wrapped around my arms.
“You ignored me for an entire weekend.” His hold on me tightened. “Hours upon hours we could have spent together if only you’d picked up your damn phone!”
Before I was able to wrap my brain around what was happening, he dropped down onto the couch, pulled me across his lap, and spanked me. Bursts of pain spread across my skin, making me freeze up in shock. I couldn’t believe he was actually spanking me in his office! He took advantage of my stillness, spanking me repeatedly. His rasped out words punctuated the pain.
“Jax!” I gasped out, attempting to slide my hands over my ass for protection. I didn’t get far before he had both my wrists in his grasp, pressing them against my lower back with one hand while caressing my stinging cheeks with the other.
“You’re mine,” he murmured, lifting me off his lap until I was standing between his legs. “I wasn’t f*cking joking when I told you I was going to redden this sweet little ass of yours any time I have to remind you that you belong to me.”
I had no response. None. What could I say when one half of me wanted to climb onto his lap for wild monkey-sex, while the other, more rational, part knew damn well that the moment I left his office I was going to run again?

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Hello! My name is Fiona Davenport and I'm a smutoholic. I've been reading raunchy romance novels since... well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to write sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their books on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is kind of awesome since I've always wanted one.


I'm totally hooked to this author :o)

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