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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

A Real Man wants to meet you

Lately, I've been reading a few novellas by JENNIKA SNOW, and I'm quite content. Three of them have been bundled into one piece, A REAL MAN, volume 1.


Three stories to entice our guilty pleasures.

In Lumberjack, a night in the woods with an intimidating stranger has never felt more right.
He's starving for female touch, she's never known a man like him. Running from a storm, Vivian encounters  a mountain man in his cabin that will provide not only shelter but a carnal experience she'll never forget.

Actually, this hot fantasy is really great. City people tired of grey lives that find in each other what they're craving. With a dirty mouth and a longing for a woman to claim, Jake is wild in close encounters. I especially liked the transition from unstoppable lust to a bond that doesn't let go. The bonus epilogue is sweet and dirty, too.

Virgin is about exclusive love, about first and only love. And it's really cute. Two inseparable friends face the test of one of them moving far away. They can't stand the thought so they blurt out their real feelings. I loved this story because you can feel how desperate the characters are because they fear the separating. Graduating in a year means one year without each other. Yet they find a way to spend their lives together. All the words they exchange, all the heated scenes, all the actions he takes to fulfill his promise to her, are endearingly romantic and hotly possessive. Also, both characters belong to each other and they've never been with anyone else. Sweet!

In Baby Fever, there's a rough biker who can no longer ignore the woman of his dreams, so he forgets about how good she is and that she's his friend's sister, and sets about conquering her for his selfish motives. Dex is a man on a one-way mission, a tattooed gentleman, intent on making a baby with the woman he craves.


Even though there's a lot of heat between dex and Eva, it's also very romantic in an alpha man kind of way. He wants to be worthy of a life with her, so he's respectful, faithful and proves to Eva how truly  devoted he is to her and her well-being. So, there is a good balance of warm promises of forever, proven in the epilogue, and dirty talk to back Dex's plans to make babies right away.

If you're in the mood for quick and hot with a side of smut romance with a bad boy, this can be your perfect choice.

All three novellas are hot and intense, and mean real love. This bundle is a treat because it also packs epilogues never before seen. Totally worth it for lovers of alpha-males totally devoted to their mates.


Real men always do it better…

A Real Man: Volume One includes the first three books in the series.

Book 1: Lumberjack (ebook includes never before published epilogue)

She’s never been with a real man … until now.

Book 2: Virgin (ebook includes never before published epilogue)

She’s the only one he’s ever wanted...

Book 3: Baby Fever

He’ll put his baby in her…

This is a special excerpt, you get a taste of all three books with short excerpts from each.


I looked over at the ax he had on the wall. It was huge, the handle worn, but the blade freshly cleaned and sharpened. I imagined the kind

of power it must take to wield that thing day in and day out.

When I turned my head to face him again, I was surprised to see he was leaning forward, his focus on me. He was braced on the edge of

the chair, his glass now on the coffee table, and his forearms resting on his thighs. He kept his focus right on my eyes, and I felt my heart

jump into my throat.

“How about we cut the shit, Vivian?”

The way he spoke, the words he said, were heated, aroused.

I clenched my fingers tighter around my glass.

Was the room getting hotter, or was it just me?

“What?” I said softly. “What are you talking about?” God, even hearing myself, I sounded like I was full of shit.

He lifted his eyebrow at my question, but didn’t respond right away. After another moment of silence, he finally spoke again. “You want to

act like you’re not aroused right now, that you don’t feel this crazy as f*ck chemistry?”

I swallowed, not saying anything, but knowing my answer was probably written all over my face.

“You want to pretend like you’re not eyeing every part of my body, maybe wondering how big my c*ck is?”

Oh. God.

“Because I sure as f*ck have been eyeing you, wondering if your p*ssy hair matches what’s on your head.”

The deep sound of his voice had my inner muscles clenching even tighter in desire.

His eyes were half lidded as he stared at me. “Because I’ll tell you one thing.” A moment passed before he continued. “Red is my favorite f*cking color.”


“Have you ever really thought that out of the entire world, the universe, the great blankness above us, that we are just these little specks of cells and energy?”

I heard what she said, but I was too focused on her, at the way she looked staring up at the sky, at the vulnerability and sadness I saw on her face.

“It’s only a year of school before we can be together again, but it feels like someone is ripping out my heart, Quinn.” She looked at me then, that vulnerability so raw, so real, that I felt it in every cell in my body. “I know to outsiders looking in I’m being dramatic, but I can’t help it. I love—”

“I love you, Isabel,” I said, cutting her off, not about to hold this in anymore. She didn’t move, didn’t even show emotion for long moments. “I am so f*cking in love with you, and have been before I even know what that emotion was.” I cupped her face again and leaned down so we were eye to eye. “Ever since I met you when we were ten, I felt something in me start to grow. As the years went on, that affection grew to what I feel now.”

I heard her gasp a little, just a tiny sound that left her lips parted, but I wasn’t going to stop. I couldn’t. Now that the words were out, hanging between us, I wanted to lay it all bare.

“I didn’t want to say anything before because I was afraid of ruining the friendship we have. Having you in my life, even if only as a friend, is what I’ll take, because the alternative isn’t an option for me, Isabel.”


I slipped my hand along her side. Being a bold motherf*cker, I placed my palm right between her legs. The skirt she wore gave way, and I growled low at the fact her panties were damp. “I want to own this sweet p*ssy, Eva.”

She made the sweetest little mewling noise.

I nipped at her earlobe, and she dug her nails harder into my flesh. I added just a bit of pressure, but before I snapped at the pleasure I felt and took her right here, I moved my hand back up and placed my open palm right over her belly. My fingers spanned the width, and I leaned back to look in her eyes. “And every single time I take you, claim you as mine, Eva, I’ll make sure to fill you up with my cum until you carry my baby.”

She gasped.

“I don’t want any other woman, don’t want any other female to carry my baby.” She didn’t speak, but she sucked in a breath. “I want to f*ck you with nothing between us. I want to be so far in you, so damn deep, that when I fill you up my seed comes out of you days later.”

“Oh. God. Dex.”

“I want my baby growing right here.” I added a little pressure to her belly and watched her chest rise and fall rapidly. “Do you understand exactly what I’m saying?”

She licked her lips and nodded slowly.

“What do you think about that? How does that make you feel?”

“I want my baby growing right here.” I added a little pressure to her belly and watched her chest rise and fall rapidly. “Do you understand exactly what I’m saying?”

She licked her lips and nodded slowly.

“What do you think about that? How does that make you feel?”

She just shook her head, her whole body tight, her pupils still dilated, indicating how aroused she was.

“It scares me.”

“But in a good way, doesn’t it?”

She closed her eyes and exhaled. “God. Yes.”

I grinned even though she couldn’t see me.

Yeah, she was right here with me.


Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

Enjoy your reading time!

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