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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Intense and short romance by Penny Wylder

The other day, I came across an author on Facebook and I was smitten with her new release. Look at that cover!! Naturally, I couldn't help myself XD


He was my dad's best friend—and my first crush.Falling for him was bad. Flirting with him and trying to get in his pants the night of my 21st birthday party was definitely worse.But can you blame me? I hadn't seen the guy in years and he comes back looking hotter than ever.Our fling shouldn't have even begun but now that it has, I don't want it to stop. I'm crazy for this guy—and he's obsessed with me.Too bad my father will kill him if he finds out.So we can't tell him. We just have to keep it secret. Right?That might have worked... until he got me pregnant. How can we keep what we've done a secret? And what if he doesn't want us to?

Lovely and scorching-hot! Really, I wasn't expecting something this good, but it's absolutely up to the gorgeous cover's standards.

I thought this short and fully developed novella would be just a naughty fantasy. That gem of dirty and dizzy-hot sensuality is still there, don't get me wrong. And I enjoyed its many steamy encounters immensely. However, the story itself is more than that. It's got two fleshed-out characters who breathe real. The college student who studies and works hard to have a future despite her parents being well-off, and who's had a life-long crush on an older, very appealing man. Then, there's this hard-working man, a gentleman, intense yet easy-going.

I loved the first chapters, full of forbidden chemistry and rash actions, then the fun and tender and slightly daring relationship. The heroine's dreams come true thanks to an unexpected turn of events that they both wholeheartedly embrace despite the age difference and the possible family fallout.

I think this novella is fluidly well written, beautiful and romantic. I count myself lucky that I found this new author and pursued this story till I made it blissfully mine :-D What's next?

Find the author on Goodreads and Facebook.

Enjoy! :o)

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