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miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Slipperless 3 drives me crazy + giveaway

And the know gets tighter! Book buddies, Slipperless is driving me crazy. It's good, it's taunting, and I don't understand this couple, but I'm all in ;o)


I can't say no to this story as much as Fiona can to Gabe. It's just addictive with the multimillion company and its overbearing projects, the larger-than-life CEO, and the heartbreaking situation in Fiona's life.

I really pity this poor woman. She's hard-working, sweet, driven, but she's manipulated by her circumstances and the cocky, cold, all-professional attitude of her boss. She's all emotions and fears while he's so demanding, work-obsessed to the point of inhumanity.

In this installment, he might show some redeeming qualities. After all, he seems to care a little bit more for Fiona's well-being. I really enjoyed this part, it's interesting and sexy. Though I could do with less use of the characters' names when they talk to each other. It's Gabe here, Fiona there... all the time. You don't really need to address a person using their names every time.

The relationship between them gets really confusing. One moment, he's all business-like, the next he behaves like a boyfriend. As addictive as the story is, I just felt frustrated with their conversations. They just don't understand each other, they could be aliens trying to communicate in completely different languages. I guess that's why I crave the moment they truly connect and fall in love. Will they ever reach that point? Please!

Despite the frustrating back and forth, the tension is overpowering. I relished the intimacy that binds them because their times together are consumingly erotic and descriptive. You really don't want to miss that! Or the killing cliffhanger. Truly, this story keeps surprising me and taking me by the throat.

Slipperless (Book #3)
Series: Slipperless: A Billionaire Love Story #3
Author: Sloan Storm
 Release Date: July 15, 2015

Dominated. Humiliated... And desperate for more.

After defying Gabe, I experienced first-hand just what it means to be in trouble with the boss. I've learned, once and for all, he's a man who always gets what he wants - in every way he wants it.

But satisfying him comes at a price.

As the time draws closer for me to do the presentation, I'm finding I may not have the ability to pay the cost. Debilitating physical ailments threaten to derail my progress and put an end to my chance to get ahead.

Determined to keep me on track and focused, Gabe takes me away for personal supervision and instruction in a tropical paradise. But, what happens when we get there may mean losing him, and my career...


This is the third book in a Billionaire Romance series presented in serial format. 
It is not a standalone. All individual entries are currently free with Kindle Unlimited.

Links to Buy: 99c


Also Available







Just as he finished speaking, Gabe leaned in and kissed me, sliding his hand behind my head as he did. Although I probably should have expected it and resisted, the simple fact was he’d caught me by surprise and I didn’t.

It was such a beautiful place and the truth was that I was tired. In reality, nothing would have felt better than the satin-like feel of his lips against mine just then. I relented and leaned into Gabe, giving in to his strength and my need for it. Without a word, he separated his lips from mine.

“Give me your hand,” he said.

Still in a daze from our kiss, I did as he asked. “Why?”

“Well, Fiona, we have to shower,” he began, as he tugged at me, pulling me off the stool. “You can’t get in the ocean dirty. That just wouldn’t be polite.”

“Oh, I see.”

Within minutes, Gabe stripped away what resistance I pretended to still have, and, after starting the shower, he reached down and grabbed hold of the door handle, tugging it open. Trailing Gabe’s chiseled backside into the heated mist, I watched as he walked under one of two large showerheads.

I closed on him just as the rain from overhead slid down his magnificent torso. Rivulets of wet heat rippled along his hard frame as I drew near, rubbing my body against his like a forlorn kitten.

I looked up into Gabe’s eyes, and as I did he leaned down and kissed me with a single, soft press against my cheek. Chills raced along my spine as he moved closer and trailed his slick lips down the side of my neck.

I trembled as Gabe’s tongue and lips suckled my wet flesh. Just then, he reached up and pulled my hair out of his way. With a tender slap, it clung to my back as Gabe’s mouth moved around behind me to the center of my neck, just above my shoulder blades.

My head listed and rocked like a wayward sea vessel in the midst of a storm. As the shower rained heat upon me, I leaned my curves against him. Gabe’s hands raced towards my hips, where he grabbed them and squeezed firmly. My lips parted, and as they did, a few droplets made their way inside. I tasted the water, laced with Gabe’s essence. A heady mix of musk and sweat rolled across my tongue like a subtle wave laps against a dock.


Sloan Storm is a verbally difficult, yet physically generous, writer who pens imaginative yarns based on dominant men and the women who challenge them.

As such, power plays and passion are the heart of each and every story. The writer's creative tendencies may drift as the mood strikes, but the essence of all tales told wind up back at the same place... the polarizing difference between the sexes.

After all, what else is there in life?

When not glued to a keyboard creating tales of whimsy, Sloan loves to talk to fans! If you want to connect, you can do it in any number of ways:


Good luck, book buddies! :o)

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