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martes, 21 de julio de 2015

Are you Chained to this novel?

Hey, book buddies :o) How are you doing? One of the last books I've read is CHAINED, by Jaimie Roberts. Have you heard about it or the author? 

After the devastating loss of her parents and subsequent depression, Olivia Brown decided a move from her parent’s family home in Cambridge to a house in London would give her the fresh start she so sorely needed. 

Living off her inheritance, Olivia didn’t need to work, but she knew she needed something to make her feel like life was worth living. Painting was her one true love, but that wasn’t enough. So she started a part-time job in a bar, and the rest of the time she spent at a local soup kitchen, feeding the homeless. In the mornings, she bought hot beverages for her homeless friends, but there was one who never asked. This man, having the most facial hair she’d ever seen, the most captivating eyes she’d ever stared at, remained aloof. He never said a word to anyone, and never once looked her way. However, all this did was make Olivia want to find out more about this mysterious man hiding behind a face full of hair.
One perilous evening, her wish came true.
On the way back from working at the bar, Olivia was attacked. She screamed for help, relieved when her cries are answered...but surprised when she saw who her rescuer was. It was the eyes. It was the hair. It was none other than the mysterious homeless man. 
That night, Olivia learned two things. One, his name was Kit, and two, Kit had skills… skills which didn’t fit a man living on the streets.
Day after day, Olivia slowly pushed the boundaries, coaxing out the man hiding behind the hair. Kit Chain wasn’t only trained like men she watched in movies, he was also the most beautiful. Bit by bit, Olivia managed to break down his walls, revealing secrets that would change her life. Secrets that would put both of them in terrible danger. 
However, there was one thing about secrets...
Everyone had them.
WARNING: This is NOT a traditional love story. It contains disturbing subject matter, including themes of questionable consent for both male and female, as well as graphic sexual content. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones this type of behaviour. 


Quite surprising, and you can never take anything for granted in this mysterious romance filled with dark secrets and steamy romance.

First, let's point out the good parts: the way the plot plays out is original and full of mystery. Olivia is an orphan that is plagued with dramatic memories. The only help she gets if from a man that haunts her and manipulates her. One of the best elements of the story is the convoluted plot that deals with a murder in her past and how she's trying to discover the culprit in the present. While she lives in London, dividing her time between her job and her volunteering at a soup kitchen, she meets Kit. All the time, chapters alternate between her memories as a young girl and her twisted relationship with Uncle, and the people she meets in London. That includes beautiful, broody Kit.

Besides the dramatic romance that's born between Kit and Olivia, with all those sweet dialogues and steamy scenes, my favourite part was the last one. When the real enemy shows his face, Olivia finds herself in a tumultuous pit of lies, conspiracies, secrets and violence that really hasten the pace of the story and change all your preconceptions.

Now, what I wasn't too fond of is that at the beginning, the character talks directly to the reader. That really puts me off the illusion. Also, the narrative didn't pull me into. I hardly ever felt emotionally attached to the characters. Maybe it was a bit flippant to my taste, I don't know. And I think the novel dragged on and went over certain things several times or touched on events that really didn't matter too much too much in the sense of the plot. I could have done without some characters or scenes that didn't add too much except for the length of the story.

All in all, it's an entertaining and original story that became quite shocking and surprising especially at the end.

If you want to follow the author, you may find her on facebook here.

Have a good week!

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