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lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

Release of Filthy Dirty Fate

And here we are again with the final release of the Filthy Dirty Alpha series. Doesn't it look too hot to handle? Nah! We can take it ;o)

Filthy Dirty Fate

BDSM isn't just about sex, it's about laying yourself bare. I'm the Dom, and yet with Lola, I've been stripped to the core and my secrets exposed for her to judge. I've pushed her limits, and now it's time for her to make her choice—can she love both the man and the Dom? Only that answer will determine our fate. 

erotic young couple during foreplay

  In this third and final installment of the Filthy Dirty Alpha series, Lola and Burke's passionate relationship is put to the ultimate test.



erotic young couple during foreplayerotic young couple during foreplay


Grace Morgan is a Midwestern girl who kicked off her snow boots and ran west to the land of sunshine and flip flops. You can find her sipping cocktails with her girl posse, going on epically bad blind dates, and pretending to be prim and proper while she dreams up steamy scenes, alpha bad boys, and sassy heroines.

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