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domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

Reading leaves you Exposed and Laid Bare

Book buddies, look what I found in my forays into Facebook. I actually discover many interesting new authors in there, and get the lucky chance to read their work. That thrills me! :o)



Release date: April, 11th

Lucien and Dahlia. Nice names, a very original combination which proves to seep into the whole story. Dahlia feels inexplicably drawn to a self-made tycoon. Sure, he's handsome and confident, but there is some dark and otherworldly quality to him that has her mesmerized, even soothed in his presence. She's an accomplished photographer who has the privilege to take some sought-after pictures of this mysterious man for an interview. After a particularly sensual photo shoot, they make out like there's no tomorrow.

The paranormal feel came as a surprise, but it certainly enhanced the intense experience of Lucien, the secretive and oh-so-sexy male character in this novella. However, I'd have preferred that the characters shared more dialogue to know each other better before they jumped into their night of frenzied lovemaking. 

Nevertheless, I relished its odd and unique essence. Dahlia is really professional in her job, but very naïve in love matters. It's not only Lucien's charisma that has her enthralled, but his dark power over her emotions and physical reactions to him. I enjoyed myself very much trying to discern what exactly is weird about Lucien. The mystery along with the sensual encounters he has with Dahlia make for a very tantalizing read

Though I must say this story would benefit from a couple of parts to add to its too short venture into the erotic occult. Could this be a prelude to more? That promising ending could certainly entitle for a continuation.

Ah, I believe this is volume one so hopefully that will shed some very wanted light onto the mysterious Lucien and his life in the shadows...

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