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sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

The Cassano Series is made for me

Owner of a casino under investigation by a covert detective? No doubt I'm in! 

With a snappy pace and entertaining dialogues, this story flew by in a happy daze. Don't miss it, book buddies! :o)


Scarlet Wolfe

Victoria is a strong woman whose intent is to uncover illicit operations in a Las Vegas casino that belongs to the Cassano family.

She doesn't count on Adrian Cassano being more charming and passionate about her than it's advisable.  She feels drawn to him, warmed by his company. I really liked that she's honest despite her charade, and that she shared a passion for vintage cars with Adrian. He's not only respectful though hot towards her, but he's also aware of who she is and why she's there.

It was exciting to watch Adrian and Victoria fight their growing but forbidden attraction, but of course they couldn't deny it. She's funny and smart, he's well-mannered and intense.

Actually, the writing gets better as their impossible relationship develops. Adrian and Victoria share lots of nice scenes getting to know each other. He's patient but cautious, she's impulsive and working a double job that's starting to hurt her because she doesn't want to deceive the man she has feelings for.

Also, the sexy times are there, slowly unfolding into scorching hot encounters.

Part of the fun lies in the deception and secrets both characters keep from each other. She's torn between duty and her own feelings for Adrian, whilst he knows who she is but is trying to rein in his advances until she admits the truth or stops being so stubborn.

Meanwhile, the covert operations that are run in the hotel-casino are deeper than she anticipated. Lots of sensuality, funny dialogues, a romantic antihero and a heroine with a fiery spirit make this novel very entertaining and lovely to read. I loved the intense ending, so I'm more than ready for round 2.


book 2

I'm very happy I started this series, and not only for the hot model on the cover ;-). Things are getting messy in the Cassano world. Hurray! How I like it when characters become entangled on all levels. Victoria is facing an ultimatum from her cop partner, who by the way has been harbouring not only strong feelings for her, but also a couple of secrets himself.

Another one with lots of secrets is my favourite hot casino owner, Adrian Cassano. He's running so many operations that's hard to keep up, but I adore his mixture of gentlemanly manners, good intentions, and sexy, quirky tastes behind doors.

Also, there is a good portion of the story dedicated to Simon one of the appealing Cassano brothers, and Sadie, Victoria's little sister. It becomes as playfully sexy and meaningful as the main story. This whole family is full of hot-blooded brothers I'm eager to meet!

The relationship between Adrian and Victoria deepens in a wonderful way, and I loved every minute of it. She's still wildly stubborn, he wants to give her the world, protect her from himself and his own dark endeavors while he shows her how to let go of her trust issues in the most delightfully naughty way. It's sweet and sexy as hell. The connection between them is sensual, but keenly romantic. I relished the feeling it gave off of two people who trust each other, love each other against their own incredulity, and feel at peace because they are loved.

Regarding the mysterious plot, it starts to leak and make both their lives miserable as they realize how utterly incompatible certain things are. When she's told about Adrian's dealings, she freaks out whi I thought was a bit too much as it's obvious she doesn't know half of it yet. This part is really interesting as family matters, shady business and deeply romantic gestures collide in a strong finale. 

The author has a very fluid and easy style that makes the story just flow through your mind. I loved that parting sentence from Victoria. So determined and full of finality. Definitely looking forward to the next novel in the series! 

find the amazing author: SCARLET WOLFE
Goodreads: Concealment and Consumed

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