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lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Kicking off the year with two hot novellas

During the holidays, I spent a whole day just relaxing with several novellas, a couple of which I now present to you ;o) Hot and bored? No more! 


What a naughty little treasure! This delicious novella got me entertained with no effort at all. A tough man with past traumas too rigid to let change free him and an outrageously spontaneous woman who'll challenge him all the way to happiness. I really liked how outspoken and unbendable Tab is, she never wavers when she defends her stance, job or free style. And I loved how she could maneuver Drew into opening up little by little.

It's not an easy road, though. He's stuck in the past and it's consuming his present. The injuries he carries with him are affecting all levels of his life. It was so interesting to watch his struggled, the pain that made me ache for him. Even though she doesn't want to fall for someone so vastly  different from her, the loss and sacrifice he has endured call to her and remind her of her own past.

I found both characters endearing, their plight was moving. The story is full of lively dialogues, steamy intimacy, true feelings and a battle of wills.

I felt there was a good story there and it was both well written and developed. There were several fun moments such as the business meeting when Drew is sent a few arousing photos.

Of course, every romance needs its share of drama, so Tab goes too far in her meddling ways and she crosses boundaries that put her blossoming relationship in peril. There was a scene full of tension because some delicate issues are tackled in this novella. I liked it a lot. I love my romance to go through some drama before the happy ending. I was a happy reader at the end.

NINA CRESPO's website


Two dominant natures clashing for power? It certainly was interesting to watch. Rivals for contracts, Will and Penelope find themselves betting a week of submitting to the winner. And it's her who has to wear his collar and submit to his erotic games of power.

I must say it was highly entertaining to witness these two proud characters tease each other, find their limits. She challenges her temporary Dom for all her worth and, to his surprise, he likes it. She's afraid to lose herself in the process while it won't mean a thing to him.

While they play out their seven days, there are scenes full of heat and bdsm games. They challenge each other, push their boundaries and exchange fun verbal banter. It's obvious they're afraid to let go and put their souls in someone else's control. At the same time, they can't really stop doing it piece by piece.

When their first emotional boundary is crossed, I loved the way she wants to stay with him afterwards, but is afraid to ask, to go too far. Will is there to save both of us (the character and the reader) and take us with him, surrounded by his strong, comforting arms. It was perfect.

As things progress, there is a scene at the club that broke the magic a little for me. I understand where it came from. I'm not against threesomes in a story, but they have to grow on me from the start, either be part of the romance or be there before it begins. This one was there to prove the Master's command over his sub. Great point in their relationship, for sure, but it's not my cup of tea when a stranger walks into a couple's connection. It destroys the magic for me, sorry. However, it was very well described and with taste. No complaints in the passion department with this story and author. It's all really hot. 

And I also liked how troubling it is for them to fall in love because it might mean to lose themselves, to fall into mistakes their parents had made before and risk everything they've accomplished. I could relate to them as real people. In the end, after a painful fight and an epiphany for both of them, the happy ending is our reward. Good writing and an original story. Go ahead and read it!

KATEE ROBERT's website

What are you reading, book buddies? Let me know! :o)

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