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sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Hooked on novellas: Club Luxe

Hey, book buddies. As a novella lover, I'm quite happy with my latest discovery. Have your heard about CLUB LUXE, by Olivia Noble?

What a wild ride! Scorching-hot encounters with a self-anointed modern king of a night club where the elite let go of their inhibitions and share their carnal desires.

I think it's a good ruse to use a reporter's ambition for  a story to send her into the mysterious bowels of a secret club. She's in for a surprise when she recognises the owner of this kinky place. The author manages to convey an exciting atmosphere of expectation and wantonness in the stages prior to the debauchery, but I must admit that I was taken aback when the main couple took to public performance. It broke the bubble for me.

Anyway, what follows is hours of challenging banter between Malcom and Victoria, filled with mind-blowing intimacy and daring body contact. It bothered me a lot that Malcom would refuse to do a certain thing for safety reasons, but then he'd go even further without any protection at all. It made no sense whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the story surprisingly had a lot more plot that I expected. It turned out to hide an intense, secretive man who wields power as a tool to manipulate people, in this case Victoria, into doing things for him that will entail danger and risk. There's suspense, plot twists, blackmail, cold fury and lots of sexy times. And I also liked the female protagonist a lot. She's strong, smart, never relents even when faced with the most intimidating side of Malcom's personality. She's a fighter to the core.

I really liked the story and would love to read on the second part, Secrets Exposed. It surely promises more secrets and conspiracies to entertain the crap out of any reader.

You can find the author here: nobleolivia.blogspot.com

Have you read this serial yet?

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