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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

The more the merrier: three new romances from Entangled

Hey, book buddies! How is summer going? To tell you the truth, it's sizzling right here ;o) And all because of three books I've been reading this past week.


I love novellas, but this is the first time I wish one had been much, much longer. It's such a waste of a good idea to limit it to so few pages. It'd have been worth it to explore this tantalizing relationship between this lord and lady that stems from a lurid book shunned upon by society. So worth it!

What a delightful... well, everything. Not only the concept is utterly delicious, but the writing is full of win and fun.

In just 65 pages, the author managed to make me smile, sigh, feel, laugh, and long for the lovely things that happen in this story.

Anne is opinionated and probably doomed to ending up as a spinster. Never mind, she likes her freedom of spirit. The man who once loved her sister disapproves of her behaviour. When due to an unintentionally cruel remark from Anne, they start exchanging correspondence, the dynamics between them shift. A new world of unexpected intimacy, mental and physical, opens up.

My favourite parts:

- The letters. What a great idea it is to just pen alternating letters they send to each other. They are so funny, smart and subtly naughty.

- The book. It's called Confessions of a Courtesan, and tells of all the forbidden things that a lady should never be aware of that entail passion of the marital nature. Anne and Michael tease each other about the contents of this scandalous book in the most witty and steamy manner.

- The wagers. Anne is always making bets with her sisters, she likes the challenge and winning too. Thankfully, Michael entertains a new wager with her that stirs all kinds of delicious behaviour.

I wholeheartedly recommend it for everyone who loves a sensual historical romance with a surprisingly daring female character and a beautiful relationship that goes from apparent dislike to deep belonging.

I'm weak, and with a title like that, I had to have a taste of it ;o)

It all starts with a good girl who wants to forget her boring day-to-day life and have a go with the dark side of excitement. What could be more thrilling than to have a one-night stand with a hot, tattooed stranger in a club?

What follows is a lot of melting hot sex.

At times Skylar seemed to be a little too forward for a supposedly good girl, but we live in a modern world so let's accept female attitudes are not as demure as they used to be. I liked her, though. She's bright and open-hearted, and she wants to break her predictable routine. I like that in characters.

That's where Gage fits in. He's all muscle, intensity, excitement.

He's a former MMA fighter and now co-owns a successful night club called Sin. As if that wasn't enticing enough...

The electricity just flies between them, laying grounds for explosive encounters that I enjoyed freely. Gage is  too locked up. I understand that his harsh life has made him like this but it was frustrating to see him push Skylar at every turn, gently but relentlessly. She doesn't cave in. She overpowers his lack of trust and self-worth by sheer kindness and cheerfulness, and yes, loyalty.

It's a good story. The pace never falters, keeping interest high thanks to a heady combination of hotness, sweet relationship advances, and family issues that burden both characters which brings him together and also adds more depth to the plot and spice up the drama.

Apart from the sexy times and the brush with the MMA fights world, I loved how Skylar's giving nature really cleanses Gage's guarded heart. It made the heartache worthwhile.


It's so refreshing to find a historical romance that comes loaded with hot scenes and passion. The Irresistible Miss Peppinwell is about a woman who defies society's conventions in her pursuit of freedom, and a man who seeks exactly that to feel fulfilled.

It's a very entertaining read thanks to:

- the lady's aloofness poses a challenge for the gentleman who coaxes her inner fire in the most ardent and delicious manner

- she's not shy about desires of the flesh which is a welcomed change in the usual female protagonists of this kind of romance

- both Philippa and Anthony carry a secret burden on their shoulders that makes for a lot of drama, adventure and heartache

I liked how forward both are with their desires, even if at the beginning Philippa is the Ice Maiden because of the dire situation she finds herself in. A certain nobleman is not behaving properly towards her and she has to put distance from this rake to protect her already feeble reputation.

It's true that Anthony is also daring with his advances, but their stances in life coincide so well that it helps with their fast intimacy.

Apart from the writing, perfectly attuned to the period, I enjoyed the mystery surrounding Philippa's past in Boston, and the unity in Anthony's family. His brother and sister have their personal tragedy to contend with. It felt real and was very appealing to read about. 

Hot, dynamic, life-changing love story. Good assets for a historical romance, I believe.


So, what are you reading these days? And did you like my choices for the summer?

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