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martes, 2 de enero de 2018

A superb End Game

Happy New Year, my book buddies 馃榾  I hope you had a great intro to 2018. Mine was a bit rough, but I'm hanging in there 馃槈

You know that one of my favourite authors has released a book today, right? Yay!


Reaching the finale of a 4-book story holds a great importance. Especially when it's written with the sophisticated voice of LRJones. The thrilling cliffhanger in the previous book left my heart barely beating. I couldn't read this final book fast enough.

Shane is facing an impossible hit to his heart with a double sacrifice that's taking him to the edge of a darkness with no return. The writing has a powerful sense of urgency and the dialogues crackle with intensity. It's also heavy with grief as Shane and his family struggle with terrible loss. He and Emily share scenes of emotional impact. It was both hard and satisfying to read. Not to mention that their love is stronger than ever and deeply moving.

Meanwhile, the end game that will sever them from dangerous liaisons is in motion, and the tension among all parties involved was extreme. The ultimate chess game. Hard business deals, illegal operations, espionage, dark family matters... all mingle in never-stopping circles. The balance between suspenseful business and personal relationships is masterfully planned. I love this kind of sharp, slow-burn intensity as much as the soulful romance. Shane and Emily find their HEA through a storm of sacrifice and complex decisions, and it was immensely gratifying to reach it with them. Great read as usual, and not to be missed.


How deep can you love?
Passion and danger collide in the explosive finale to Emily and Shane's story.
After tragedy strikes, Shane hovers on the edge of being consumed by darkness. He will fight for the woman he loves. He will destroy his enemy. He will not back down. As shocking twists, dark secrets, and explosive betrayals within the Brandon family come to the light, Shane must fight harder than ever before.

Every thread weaves a dangerous web. Emily and Derek. Brandon Senior. Maggie and her affair. The leader of the dangerous cartel who’s wedged itself inside the Brandon Empire. It all comes to a head in the shattering conclusion to the Dirty Money series.


Find it on Lisa's webpage + The whole series

Don't hesitate if you like smart suspense romance with hot times  :-)

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