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miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

You've always been mine is so sweet and smutty

Last year, I read quite a bunch of novellas by Jenika Snow and I'm quite happy with their sweet romance. Here is the second novella in her You're Mine series. Want to know what all the fuss is about? :-)


When Erik left town, I thought my world had ended. Even at the tender age of ten I knew how hard my life would be without him. And as I grow older, as the letters between us became sparse to nonexistent, I can’t help but feel like a wall has been built around my heart.

There is only one boy for me, and I know I’ll never see him again.


She was my best friend, the only person I knew I couldn’t live without.
But we had to leave each other.

Time went on, we drifted apart, and it always felt like I’d left a piece of myself back with her. But I’m a man now, a wounded Marine, and fate brings me back to the one girl who completes me.

Paige has always been mine, and now it’s time to prove that to her.

Warning: Tighten that seat belt because you’re about to go on an over-the-top, totally unbelievable ride. Featuring a possessive and devoted hero who saved himself for that one girl, it’ll still have that sugary-sweet aftertaste you crave. Don’t forget that cold glass of water, because you’ll need it for the heat this book—and Erik—is packing. 


Gorgeously sweet, this second novella in the You're Mine series is a treat for the romantic at heart.

It's about two 10-year-old friends who get separated and then reunite after 12 years. He's an ex-marine, wounded and pining for the bond he had with a girl; she's a college student who's thunderstruck when she meets the big man that she couldn't forget.

I loved how touching and tender all the scenes were. For example, when the kids have to say goodbye or when they reunite after so much time, the feelings were poignant and relatable. Then, of course, the characters are grown up so the impact of seeing each other has all these reactions, heartfelt but also physical, firing up like crazy. It's a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. 

Paige and Erik have a first time together that really heats up the pages. I liked the way he thinks of her needs and happiness. And I'm always happy to read what happens after they declare their love for each other and what the future brings to the couple. Very rewarding.

Enjoy your week :-)

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