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lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Enjoy this Jail House Rock!

Book buddies, I've just read a novella by an author that I've recently discovered. Liberty Laine has released JAIL HOUSE ROCK, and it's so funny and smutty! :-D

 Jail House Rock

AUTHOR:  Liberty Laine

GENRE:  Contemporary/Erotic

COVER DESIGN:  Aly Martinez

I’ve got ninety-nine problems and all of them begin and end with the Coletrain twins. Especially Millie Coletrain. I don’t know whether to kiss her or spank her. Either way, she’s mine. 


This is an erotic novella with laugh out loud ridiculousness, insta-love, a smart-mouthed heroine, and an over-the-top alpha bail bondsman.


Cheeky fun and steamy smut romance. I'm happy with that! :-)

This novella is well written with LOL situations, a steal-the-moment starting point and lots of hot scenarios.

After a good introduction of the female character's love for music, bam!, in jumps a tower of muscled masculinity who cuffs Millie and in return gets cuffed by his possessive attraction to his sassy captive.

It's a mix of crazy antics and sexy insta-love between a con-man's daughter and a bounty hunter who's more interested in keeping his woman than in doing his job. I enjoyed the chase, the identity mix-up, the naughty dialogues and the sweet ending. I wonder if the next story will be about Millie's sister. I'd read it!

And a PARTY too!
Mon 5:00 pm -10:30 pm EST > FIND IT HERE.

About The Authors:

Liberty Laine is a writing duo made up of two smart-mouthed best friends who have a passion for romance and reading. They can usually be found together at their local Mexican restaurant with a margarita in one hand and a chip covered in cheese dip in the other. They spend their days being desperate housewives, blogging about books, and using all of their willpower not to eat all the cake and donuts.

Enjoy your week, book buddies :-)

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