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sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2016

Rory Reynolds debuts with His Hellcat

Hey, book buddies :o) How are you doing? Today I'm taking part in a tour for an author that is new to me, but after reading this sassy novella, I'm rooting for her.


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Hutch The cabin was supposed to be the perfect escape. Until my best friend's little sister shows up looking for her own getaway. I should keep my hands to myself. But from that first glance, I know she's mine. Blake I had to get away from my cheating ex and slutty best friend. Nothing was going right, A flat tire, no shoes, no bra, and a thunderstorm followed by him. He’s sexy as sin and out of my league. I shouldn’t want him. But I do.


Fun and emotional smut, oh my, I found another source of perfect enjoyment.

War hero vs. sassy woman. Good combination that produces all kinds of naughty sparks. I had so much fun reading this short story. It's loaded with a curvy woman who's foul-mouthed as a sailor and has sworn off men when she crosses path with a wounded soldier who can't have enough of her lush curves.

It's really entertaining because there are so many things happening despite taking place in very few scenarios. Passion in an idyllic environment filled with good memories, a few funny instants and a dramatic and very romantic epilogue after which I'm hooked.

Will we have the brother's story next? I'd love that! 



Chapter 7 

Blake Someone pinch me because I have got to be dreaming right now. Wait, no don’t you dare f*cking pinch me, because in about ten seconds I’m going to have Hutch’s c*ck buried in my aching p*ssy and it would be cruel to c*ck-block me like that. The way his big hard body is pressing into mine as he holds my hands steady above my head is driving me to madness. Any moment I’m going to wake up and remember how everything in my life has turned to shit. Then he pinches me. Well, my nipple. That’s when I realize I’m not dreaming. I do, in fact, have Hutch’s tongue down my throat, his hard c*ck rubbing lewdly against my aching p*ssy, and that hand. It’s rubbing, pinching, and teasing my nipple into a throbbing mass of nerves that’s sending a current of electricity straight to my core. Finally, he pulls his lips from mine. While he kisses a trail down my neck to my breast, I work hard at catching my breath while. I nearly come unglued when he sucks my nipple into his mouth, shirt and all. No one has ever caused the kind of sensations with skin on skin contact that Hutch is causing through the layer of my shirt. My nipples have never been sensitive to pleasure. I always thought they were defective. “You like that, Kitten?” I moan my appreciation and pull against his hold. I want to touch him, to feel all those hard muscles, but it’s clear that’s not on the agenda yet. He lowers his lips to the other breast and gives it the same attention. The wet spot over my nipple turns cold without the heat of his mouth and the sensitive tip gets even tighter than it was, taking it to the edge of painful. His free hand makes its way down to the waistband of my too small shorts; his fingertips lightly tickle just under the edge. “Are you wet for me?” He asks, as his fingers dip further under the material. “Yes.” I pant, his fingers inching closer and closer to where I need him. If I didn’t know better I would say he's trying to kill me, the tease is almost too much for me to handle. His fingers coast across my p*ssy, just a gentle rub over my mound, but it’s enough to drive me insane. “Oh, Kitten. You’re positively drenched. Is that all for me?”

© Rory Reynolds 2016


  Rory Reynolds is a stay-at-home mom of two little monsters. She's a ravenous reader of romance and firmly believes that you can never have too many book boyfriends.

She writes feisty heroines, alpha heroes, and panty drenching smut with happily ever afters. You can contact Rory at authorroryreynolds@gmail.com.


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