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jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

One More Rule to have fun

Book buddies, did you know that today is the release day of ONE MORE RULE, a new and exciting novella by Nikki Sloane? It's a fantastic addition to her series. Don't miss out!

Release day: Thursday, Oct. 29th
Title: One More Rule
Author: Nikki Sloane

Blurb: One week back in Chicago to witness our best friends get married. One hot night to help them celebrate. And one rule for the bride and groom to obey: no more sex until the wedding.
After the evening Dominic and I have planned, who will break first?

Length: Novella, ~100 pages
Price: 99¢ (No preorder)


Intensely naughty and thrilling, this novella gathers two favourite couples to burn the night with a series of sexy games that will delight your imagination for an hour of lazy, hot pleasure.

Feisty Payton plans a night of fun games, along with Dominic, to celebrate their friend's oncoming wedding. A hard bet ensues, followed by taunting beyond bearable temptations. Yet love is also present among so many delights of the flesh.

I think this is a gorgeous novella that binds our cherished characters into a follow-up of their lives in a most romantic moment. Short but extremely satisfying, it delivers beautiful scenes of playfulness, love and naughty creativity.

Perfect for fans of this provocative series and for those who want a quick, smart and hot taste of the author's writing. 

Let me know if you read it ;o)

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