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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

You have to take a Step Two Close + giveaway

Have you heard about the latest novel by Jaimie Roberts? I've been able to read it, book buddies, and it's a winner! ;o)


A devilishly funny premise that would be a nightmare in real life. Imagine that you've had intimacy with a mature man and then discover he's your stepfather. What's more, his son is your second conquest of the year. Two secret one-night stand lovers living under the same roof as you! Wow.

I had to read this!

If that's not bad karma, nothing can beat it any way.

At first, Hunter is infuriating, always pressing Ayden's buttons the wrong way. When they finally start connecting on an emotional, meaningful way, I felt that bond over tragedy that they shared.

And her mum was so crazy too! This poor girl is strong and smart, I admired her for all that she's had to put up with.

There are constant twists in how she feels towards Mason and Hunter as they show their feelings for her or act in a seemingly bad or good way. The tension is a physical entity, and it soons become unbearable, and oh so sexy, to resist the chemistry between Hunter and Ayden.

There are so many scenes that I loved. Dialogues full of emotion, a scorching hot time at a changing room, a sweet dinner that included a thoughtful gift... they all mixed perfectly with the dramatic events surrounding Ayden's family and her undeniable feelings for Hunter.

This romance broke my heart a little, more than once. It's surprising, exciting, and takes place between two deeply flawed characters yet they also have beautiful redeeming qualities. They grow to love and to forgive each other for transgressions. I thoroughly enjoyed their steamy times and the romantic ones, as well as the drama and the tragedy. Despite the weird ending, it is one stepbrother romance that I won't forget.

 A Step Two Close
Author: Jaimie Roberts
 Release Date: September 17, 2015
Only 99c until September 21

I used sex to help me forget.
To help me numb the pain.
Because for those few minutes of pleasure, I could shut it all off.
The reminders of all that I had lost. All that I had endured.
Of all that I saw die before my eyes.

I slept with a man I can’t get out of my head. It was supposed to be a one-time thing with no attachments and no commitments. No names were exchanged, no phone numbers swapped. And that was fine by me ... until I lay awake at night, dreaming about that man’s caress. Wanting and yearning to feel his touch once more.

But one day, my fantasies of seeing this man become an all-too-consuming, nightmarish reality. Suddenly, he is in my house, that cocky grin of his silently promising more to come.

And the reason being? His father is getting married to my mother. We are going to be family.

I am in the seven circles of hell. His look alone consumes my soul and makes me beg for more. He wants me and is determined to get me. I’m his obsession, and I’ve just become a slave to his infatuation ... to the games he likes to play. The games he knows will have me surrendering to his will.

But that’s not the only problem. That’s not the only reason I am living in my own personal hell.

The year before I met my soon-to-be step-brother, Hunter ... The year I made a decision that will ultimately end up destroying my very soul...

I lost my virginity to Hunter’s dad.

Warning: Contains scenes of emotional and physical abuse. 
Readers with sensitivity to such subjects are advised to proceed with caution.


Jaimie Roberts was born in London, but moved to Gibraltar in 2001. She is married with two sons, and in her spare time, she writes.

In June 2013, Jaimie published her first book, Take a Breath, with the second released in November 2013. With the reviews, Jaimie took time out to read and learn how to become a better writer. She gets tremendous enjoyment out of writing, and even more so from the feedback she receives.

If you would like to send Jaimie a message, 
please do so by visiting her Facebook page:



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