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martes, 2 de junio de 2015

I CANNON wait for this one!

I'm so hooked on these romances from Sabrina Paige. Try them, book buddies, and you will too ;o)



My opinion of this great romance

A SEAL, a country singer, forbidden sparks between them and a past that won't go away. Isn't that a gorgeous story craving to be told? And Sabrina Paige has done a sexy, romantic, emotional good job of it.

I love the double POV that allows me to connect with both characters. What's more, I love that Hendrix and Addy reminisce what intense issues they had six years back through these short but tantalizing scenes interspersed with the present. This countdown was eye-opening and so full of emotion.

One of my favourite scenes is when Hendrix comes home after running and something intimate happens. Oh, my f*cking wow, that was a hot piece of writing. And the most surprising part is that they don't even touch each other, but the power of it is that strong!

I missed the lighthearted "cannon" element at first, but once my head was wrapped around the fact that this romance was a little more serious, I just couldn't do anything but sigh and clench. After all, it made much more sense for this impossible couple to have those hidden, simmering emotions that are slowly coming back to life after a forced separation. I relished the fact that the ex-marine fell in love with his younger stepsister, but wanted to protect her from everyone and everything including his dark, foul-mouthed self. I also enjoyed the fact that they are risking everything when the need between them can no longer be denied. Her career, their family, public condemnation.

I couldn't decide if all those barriers were good for drama or bad for my blood pressure! The heat they display either in denial or in lustful abandon could ignite a fire on wet wood.

Then, the story took on more meaning. I fell in love with these two characters who have braved fear, solitude and desolation, but through war and hypocrisy they find their way back together. There is one detail that also moved me near the end that made Addie cry. I would have too. 

Utterly romantic, sad, hopeful, sexy and a great addition to the Stepbrother series. Dear Sabrina Paige, you're one of a kind.

  Genre: Contemporary Romance
  Release Date: June 2, 2015 

  Cover Model: Stephen Hughes-Landers 

  Photographer: Shauna Kruse, Kruse Images & Photography https://www.facebook.com/KIPmodelsandboudoir?fref=ts 

  Cover Artist: Cormar Covers 

  You might think you've heard every story of forbidden love. But you haven't heard ours. Hendrix "Cannon" Cole is a damaged, sexy-as-hell ex-Marine. He's also my stepbrother. I'm a country singer in the spotlight. Our history is complicated. I used to hate him. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again. When he joined the Marines five years ago, I thought he was gone forever. Now he's back. I have everything to lose. He has nothing left. The heat between us is explosive. And both of us may wind up getting burned.   


Portrait of romantic couple touching each other

Young sexy woman in vintage lingerie laying in the bed   


  "Don't say that." I scramble to get my towel wrapped around my body. How the hell am I supposed to think clearly with Hendrix standing in front of me, water glistening on his bare chest? "Don't say what?" he asks, his voice low. "That my fingers were down your panties? Would you rather I say that I was touching your p*ssy?" "Hendrix," I whisper. "You can't talk to me like that." "Or what?" His mouth is close to my ear, and he trails one finger up my arm and traces the outline of my shoulder before he slowly runs it up the side of my neck. I'm so on edge, so wanting, that I think I might cry. "What are you afraid of, Addy?" "You," I whisper. It's the only word I can choke out. I don't say all of the other things going through my head, the things I want to say. I'm afraid that everything I've worked for will be destroyed. I'm afraid of falling for you all over again. I'm afraid you'll rip my heart to shreds, the way you did when you left. I'm afraid you'll break me. But that word, "you," is enough for Hendrix. The look he gives me is practically feral. He makes a sound, deep in his throat, and I think if he kisses me again, he'll destroy us both. I want him to kiss me again. But instead, he pauses, his hand on the back of my neck. "Drop the towel." "What?" All I can feel is the warmth from his hand, radiating heat from his palm through my body and pooling between my legs. I'm a raw nerve, a bundle of need and desire, and as much as I want him to go, more of me wants him to stay. All of me wants him to pick me up and f*ck me against the wall, right now. Hendrix groans, as if he can read the dirty thoughts that are running through my head. "Drop the towel," he repeats, his voice gruff and gravely. "What are you doing?" I choke out the words, my palm on his chest to push him away, but instead I end up sliding my hand over his chest and down his rippled abdomen. His hardness presses against his jeans, and all I can think about is how he would feel inside me. "Are we both going to pretend you're not aching for me?" he asks. "That you're not soaking wet with the thought of having me inside you?" He reaches underneath the towel, between my legs, and touches me gently with the tip of his fingers. His touch nearly makes me melt. "I'm not sure this is a good idea, Hendrix," I say, protesting, but weakly. My resolve isn't just weak. It's non-existent. He pins my wrists to the wall above my head, holding them there firmly with one hand while he traces my lips gently with one finger. "This is definitely not a good idea, Addy," he whispers, his finger moving slowly down the front of my chest to my cleavage. "This is the worst f*cking idea in the world." "We should be reasonable," I say. "I've never been a reasonable man," he says, stepping back and surveying me. "Now, take off the damn towel."


Sabrina Paige writes about smart, sexy women and the hot alpha males who love them. Outlaw bikers, cowboys, and military men make her swoon. She has found her own happily ever after with her active duty military husband and adorable toddler. If you sign up for my mailing list, I promise not to spam you! But I will send you advance notification before I launch my next book, so that you can get it at a discounted price! 

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Good luck, book buddies! :o)

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