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martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Get ready for a total Domination

Cover reveal time! This is one of my favourite things about releases and new books. I get to see something pretty before I actually read what's behind it ;o) Are you ready for DOMINATION?

I LOVE IT! In particular, that playful separation of syllables... enticing, right? ;o)

Domination is a new book coming from New York Times Bestselling Author J. S. Cooper. 

Domination will be released onSeptember 22nd, 2015.

She made him lose control.

To Titus Brooks, power was everything. He lived his life confidently and recklessly, never letting a day go by where he didn't exercise some form of control. He was handsome, he was rich, he was a player. That's all he cared for people to know. He didn't want them finding out his real story.
Savannah Corey was a flash of lightning in his life. She was dangerous. She came too close. She didn't know her boundaries. She didn't care about his. She was capricious, feisty and sexy as hell and she drove him crazy. That's why Titus had to teach her a lesson. He couldn't allow her to make him lose control.
So he decided to play a game with her. Only he didn't know that he was the one being played. He didn't know that domination didn't always mean winning.

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What do you think about this hot cover, book buddies? :o) 

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