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martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Bound to You is my latest romantic discovery

Hey, book buddies! I've recently discovered a new author to add to my ever-growing list of beloved authors: VANESSA BOOKE. I fell in love with the new covers to her serial BOUND TO YOU, and I readily read this romantic story about Nicholas and Rebecca. Wanna join me? :o)

Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy. These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar’s Run-Like-Hell list for men, but she’s about to meet a man who’s the epitome of these and more… 
After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in her life and in her bed. So when the opportunity to work for StoneHaven Publishing, one of New York City’s most respectable publishing empires, presents itself, Rebecca doesn’t hesitate moving to the Big Apple. 
Convinced she can show the owner of StoneHaven Publishing that she has the ‘right stuff,’ Rebecca agrees to a six-month trial as the personal assistant to the owner’s playboy son, Nicholas StoneHaven. This is her big chance. If she can just get through these six months without strangling Nicholas with his Armani tie, she'll be okay—easier said than done. Nicholas is the last person Rebecca thought she’d find herself pining for, especially when he hits every category on her list. 
Get ready for a battle of the sexes…


Curvy girl meets hot heir? Oh, yeah, this sounds like my favourite kind of read. I never lost interest because the writing style is good and as sexy as the plot itself. Rebecca is reeling from a painful break-up but strong enough to move to NY to start anew. It felt real and moving when she was going through the hurt her boyfriend had inflicted with his callous behaviour.

Even though she couldn't forgive him, she still had a weakness for him. I understood her very well. On her flight to NY, there is a funny and utterly arousing scene when she meets Mr. Blond and Perfect Mystery Man. I loved it!

Then, I was even happier when the POV included Nicholas, heir to a Publishing company who's got troubles of his own. Oh, how seriously sexy this man is. Fate crosses Nicholas and Rebecca's paths again in a very sensual way. I liked it when Becca still resists his advances because she's battling her wounded emotions over her last failed relationship. And there is also a big problem concerning Nicholas. Wait! The tangled web of their lives keeps getting knottier and naughtier.

I just loved their attitudes at the end of this first part. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they face each other in an impossible situation. He acts all pushy and alpha male, but she retaliates in the funniest and most challenging way. You just have to read that "elevator" chapter. I had a laugh with that, also blushing a bit. This serial is great, so off to the second part now.


Right after the first part, I had to read the second because I was terribly curious as how Rebecca would react to her new and precarious situation. Nicholas Stonehaven acts like a cocky slaver towards her, but she never gives up. It was so funny and exciting to read about Nick's mission to rile her up. Eventually, working together starts to change their relationship as we get to know Nicholas a bit better. I liked that he as a shadow in his past. I don't like manwhores, but I tried to forgive him that as I realized everything weighing him down.

Every scene blends really well the job situations with the simmering attraction between the characters. In this second part, both show their family ties that sometimes hurt but always fee real. Though the unplanned game of cat and mouse they have going on with each other is highly entertaining, I caught myself wishing they got together already. I loved on particular scene at a special shop, but it took a long time to produce any real encounter. Though it kept my interest really high.

Lots of heated quarrels, challenges and drop-dread chemistry make this part quite an eventful read. Everything seems to keep Nicholas and Rebecca apart, but they gravitate towards each other with an increasing passion. The cliffhanger puts great pressure on Rebecca and promises a finale to remember.


Oh, at last I know if this couple gets their happy ending! ;o)

I liked to be inside Nicholas' mind which helped me understand his detachment from fulfilling relationships. The scope of the novel is also broadened thanks to some flashbacks, though it was bittersweet to read about that particular character.

Things get pretty intense which got me glued to my e-reader. Despite all that is at stake, Nicholas finally realizes his feelings for Rebecca. I love it when a man's reluctance just explodes into fierce determination to keep his woman.

The battle is on, though. Many obstacles conspire against them from family commitments to Rebecca's denial that Nicholas can possibly feel anything for her.

Sometimes during all the parts of the serial I felt a bit annoyed at what seemed to be a chapter cut off at a good moment that was never followed up in the next chapter. Of course, we get to know what happens but only as a memory recounted by a character. Despite that, the author makes it work and the pace and flow are really good, and I enjoyed the quality of the writing. The scenes combined a real struggle of a couple fighting against bad odds, a hot chemistry, and well-planned dialogues and character dynamics.

There is a lot of twisted emotion over the fact that their love is always deemed a mistake. It was really maddening  but exciting to see them struggle over their feelings. 

Painful and romantic at the same time, the ending of this thoroughly entertaining love story left me satisfied and happy. What's more, other hot characters that became important throughout the serial will have their own chance at love in DRAWN TO YOU. How wonderful is that!


I hope I got you convinced to give this serial, and author, a try. 

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