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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

A book is Rampant among us + giveaway

Book buddies, this is one of those books you are afraid of but can't resist falling for. Yes, that's how twisted my literary pschylogy actually is. It's too dark for me, I know it, but I can't fight its alluring pull. I have to know what happens after that shocking ending in TORRENT, by Gemma James. You can read my crazy opinion here. Today, though, we have the release of the second part, RAMPANT. I love these books' titles! Check them out, please ;o)


Author: Gemma James 
Genre: Dark Romance (Novella) 

Life is twisted. Cruel. After being ripped from the safe haven of Rafe's arms, my new kidnapper is waging a sick game. Unable to make my body do his bidding, he's resorting to psychological warfare. He'll bend my mind until I break, and when I do, that just might be my saving grace. I'll forge through hell to get back to Rafe, body and spirit broken and bleeding, but I'm unprepared for what I find. He's done what I can't: he's erased eight years of pain and betrayal. I don't know how to bring him back to me, because bringing him back means ripping him to shreds all over again.

MeBWGemma James is the multi-genre author of several novels and novellas, from new adult suspense to dark erotic romance. She loves to explore the darker side of human nature in her fiction. She's morbidly curious about anything dark and edgy, from deviant sex to serial killers. Readers have described her stories as being "not for the faint of heart." She lives in Oregon with her husband and their four children‹three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone¹s attention.

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