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domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Reading on a Sunday: The Confession

Hi, book buddies. It's finally Sunday again. It's getting harder to get here every week ;o) I don't think I'll have time today to watch any episode of True Blood or do anything else with my free time other than updating my blog for the week posts. 

Yesterday though I had the most wonderful time with a couple of buddies. We talked, laughed, pondered the wrongs in our lives, ate to our hearts' content. Cupcakes! That's all I have to say about the goodness in life.

Now let's talk about the last thing I've read. As a serious lover of serials, I couldn't resist the final installment of THE REQUEST, by Marquita Valentine.

The final book in The Request Trilogy is out. 
This stunning and explosive conclusion to Everly and Roman's story is everything you could want in a romantic suspense novel!! As for my Holland Springs fans, there is an appearance by a very arrogant earl from Just Desserts. ;) 
So, come along for the final ride to see how everything works out to give Roman and Everly their happily ever after.
Left for dead, Roman must rescue Everly from Viktor and stop the mastermind behind it all... 

iBooks - Kindle - Nook Marquita Valentine

Minute 1: I'm excited to be reading the conclusion of this pasionate and thrilling serial. My favourite Russian assassin is back! I can't wait to see if he's going to succeed in freeing himself from his ordeal. Will he get to have this happily ever after with Everly? I do hope so. They make such a hot couple.

Minute 3: My handsome Roman / Nikolai is full of regret, but mainly murderous desires as he wants to get even with Viktor for taking what he most craves. Ah, how intensely sexy this man can be when he bursts into assassin-mode action. And he means business. Wow, the sheer violence he dispenses to save Everly is heart-pounding.

Minute 6: The truth is out and it stands like a bloody knife between Roman / Nikolai and Everly. I felt for both of them. It's obvious they need each other's comfort but it's denied to them because of the lies and the pain.

Minute 10: What?! You yield too quickly, Everly! Ah, you're so weak. You should have fought harder, made the man sweat it. Anyway... that reconciliation was too hot to deny.

Minute 15: James Bond-style action, deceit, betrayals and smoke curtains move along the run for their lives. It's compelling as hell. The little lady is also fast becoming a kick-ass heroine which suits Roman fine. He's such a lucky fellow after all. Everly's growing attachment to this kind of dark-profile life and the charming presence of cousin Benjamin make for very funny moments.

Minute 25: It's all very entertaining and fun, but it has a quality of almost light-hearted parody that I enjoyed, but took away the dramatic and passionate edge of the two previous installments. Luckily, things get a little twisted again.

Epilogue: Okay, it was cute, fun and good, but I'm more in love with the harder and sexier feeling of the other two episodes. Still, a great adventure in three parts.

Find out about my opinion of The Request 1 and The Request 2

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