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domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

Reading on a Sunday #2

Yes, another Sunday is upon us. Such a day for relaxing with no worries to crease our soul. What are you doing today, book buddies?

I've had breakfast while watching a new episode of TRUE BLOOD. I swear this show is getting creepier every season. I'm still on season 3, so you can imagin what's waiting ahead of me...

Anyway, I'm reading a historical-sexy serial by author Lisa Cach, and now that episode 2 is complete, I have to tell you about it because it's a new love in my life.



Every scene is full of excitement and is as sensual as sin.

Nimia and Terix, the slaves on the run, are fleeing from Sygarius' wrath. Despite their plans to get to Britannia, fate will deliver them to the ambitious and ever untrustworthy hands of Clovis, intent on becoming the next King of the Franks.

All the characteristics that I've come to expect and desire about this serial are present in full force in this second episode: the deadly danger, the exciting eroticism, the elegant writing style.

In this episode, we come across barbaric funeral rituals, cutthroat politics, fantastical ancient customs, bloody festivities, formidable women, ruthless men who use people as pawns and baits, and a struggle for power between men and their cultures.

I'm ever curious about the meaning of the bees in Nimia's visions. Are they part of her mysterious origins? Or do they link to her premonition powers in an unknown fashion? And the way her visions are prodded by pleasures of the flesh is simply too delicious to deny.

I loved this episode for the plot elements. However, I must admit that Clovis is not my favourite among men. I understand his character is forced by his position among the barbaric Franks, and it's kill or die, but I'm not fond of him using Nimia so callously. May I hope that she finds a better hero for herself in one of the future adventures? Or maybe he redeems himself in time. You'll have to check for yourself.

The veritable fountain of sex scenes is quite creative, though this time it's use more as a weapon or a tool than a sensuous vehicle of titillation. I missed that from the first episode. I think poor Nimia suffered too much and I pitied her all along.

One of the things that are endearing about her character is that she's been deprived of human contact for many years. NoT a kiss, not a hug, not a passing caress on her hand. Now that she's been freed from that restriction, she craves a physical connection as air itself. Not only as a pleasurable reward, but as a bridge to assurance and love. I felt for her on that account.

Now she's used for her prophetic powers in a most compelling way. Also, there is scene where she is thrust into a divine deception that I liked a lot.

After so much strife and pain and surprises, the ending left me wondering, sad and a little hopeless, what will become of the ill-fated slave that I've come to cherish.

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