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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

Reading like crazy?

Yes, I think I'm going to go crazy and read the rest of the summer away! ;o) I always feel drawn to Readathons, but never have the time for them. No such excuse this time, book buddies, I'm excited to join the 2nd Annual Beat The Heat Readathon. Sounds amazingly hot!

The deeds:

* we have until August 24th to join

* there will be mini-challenges. I'm so curious about those :o)

* and a final prize

And all we have to do is read. Oh, such a task...

My beautiful TBR:
  • Sinful Rewards II - read
  • The Last Thing 
  • Storm of Lazarus - read
  • Adam's List - read
  • Yield to Me - read
  • Endangered Hearts - read
  • Kings of Asphalt - read
  • An Indecent Affair I, II, III - read
This is only the beginning, of course. I'll be updating the list as I decide what to read next, or new beauties catch my fancy. 

Are you going to read anything special these days, book buddies? Come on, tempt me with something new.

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