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sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Double review: Adam's List and Yield to Me

I'm still relaxing on holiday mode. There is nothing like endless free time to feel you can do anything and then do nothing at all ;o) I've been reading a lot lately so it's time for a couple of reviews.



In a nutshell: two young people who harbour guilt and secrets that prevent them from surrendering to the love that is growing between them.

What's new? The author's voice kept me entertained thanks to very lively dialogues, a pain that runs deep and irreversible in the characters' lives, and how much they need to be loved and be free which is something I always relate to. And of course, the list.

The couple: the like each other at first glance, but it's their words, attitude, dreams and intelligence that hook them despite their fears. Jewels thinks she's not to be trusted in a relationship but she brings new light into Adam's sad moments in life. Adam is sweet and handsome, though he pushes her away by allowing only friendship between them.

Great asset: a list of daring things to do before responsibility binds you forever. I loved that idea and I was looking forward to how these two friends would accomplish this trip, both physically and emotionally. I kept wondering what kind of list I'd draw. Dreams, fears, just whims to make me happy and oblivious to the dreary part of life?

What I felt on the last pages: I could sense it coming, the big, brutal secret. It was still devastating to see how it affected Jewels and Adam. After he blurts it out, everything that develops from that moment on is worth every second I devoted to reading it. They share soulful and painful emotions in New York, while they try to check the items in the list, and afterwards, when the cold truth is weighing between them. I really appreciated the sensitivity the author pours into both the intimacy and the tough decisions this couple has to make.

Favourite sad quote:
I stay curled up in a ball, imagining myself disappearing, physically becoming the nothing I feel inside.

I think this novel is poignant, romantic, real and beautiful, and also touches on a very delicate subject that doesn't have a happy, easy solution. Everyone looking for meaningful, emotional love stories should read this one.



It's been enlightening to read about Club Excelsior, where men and women train for MMA fights. The approach is original, to my belief. A lightweight fighter, Marcy, is having issues with submission in the ring, so the owner of the club hires a coach and psychologist to help her overcome them.

The chemistry between Marcy and Jax is instantaneous and torrid.

Not only the building to the steamy scenes was great, but I also liked the story behind Jax and Marcy. She is a fighter, but she yearns for submission in the bedroom. That was a conundrum as she's supposed to succeed in never surrendering. She also has family issues and a need to prove her family that she's worthy. And in comes sexy Jax to try and bring balance into the mess. That's another kind of fight I relished reading about.

Favourite quote:
You want the freedom of submission, but you're afraid to give up control.
Some needs aren't meant to be denied.

I loved how they both struggle with their emotions. They want to keep it professional, detached. Jax needs to aid Marcy to help her in the ring but his dominant side gets in the way. That's what I enjoyed the most, the gut-churning internal fight of reason over lust and connection.

And despite all the odds against her, Marcy is a fighter through and through. I admired her for that. 

This is a cool introduction to the series or the MMA fighter world where women can give a punch too.


What are you reading, book buddies?

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