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viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

A sexy Russian in a serial to love: The Deception

From a literary point of view, one of my insta-triggers for wanting to read a story is that sexy Russian killer who's on the redeeming path of love. And my dearest writer Marquita Valentina has just given me my dream come true :o) 

This is the second installment of The Request serial, 

Roman is twisted by his guilt over deceiving  the woman that fascinates him. By trying to save her, he might as well be sentencing both to death. They travel to Europe on the pretense of visiting Roman's dying grandfather, all the while exposed to treacherous danger from his mentor.

Favourite quotes:
"That's what makes you special to me." My heart beats funny. I've never been special to anyone in my entire life.
Now that, I envy, the freedom to love and be loved in return.

Once again, I was swept away by dwelling in Roman's head. How I love to be there, book buddies ;o) His mind is riddled with thoughts of his harsh past, his dilemma over lying to and saving Everly, and his tenderness towards her. Not to mention those naughty ideas...

Their lovemaking is sweet and luscious in equal parts. I can't believe how hot it is to be immersed in an assassin's double life. Trying to figure a way out of his deadly predicament while drowning in an erotic, romantic relationship with a lovely lady, that's one hell of a stake. There's a twist I didn't see coming that made it so exciting! And I can even imagine this serial expanding into other stories based on different characters.

In this fast-paced, hot second episode you will find intrigue, dirty hand-to-and combat, an arrogant Russian family, and disturbing games of power. Superb. I highly recommend this serial if you want your romance to have a good dose of high-class, mortal edge.

And that infuriating, explosive, stunning ending is going to kill me. September 17th is too far for me to wait for the conclusion!

What's one of your triggers, book buddies?

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