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miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

Just One Night always leads to more

Comes out April, 22nd 2014
Nivel idioma: Intermedio alto / B2 

"How to flail at love" would be a perfect title for an article by sex columnist Riley McKenna. She works for a magazine, Stiletto (love that name!), catering tips and tricks about sex to an eager bunch of readers (I'd include myself in there). Her façade has served her well, but her personal life is not as sassy as she'd want it to be. And who's to blame? Her brother's best friend, Mr. Impossible-to-Get.

Until she embarks on a kamikaze mission to show him just how much he's missing by not looking at her that way.

This novel is full of mischief, provocative banter and wit, and funny, sexy situations. Sometimes I wanted to knock some sense into Sam's rock-hard head because he's so relentless in resisting Riley's charms. I know he's got serious emotional issues (his mum, his self-worth) that he has to deal with so that he can acknowledge he deserves to be loved after all. BUT. It was so frustrating to see him reject Riley's obvious love for him again and again. Rather painful.

It was also a part of the tension and angst I felt while reading. I wanted them to end together so badly!

I loved how funny Riley is sometimes, especially when she talks (pouts and rants) with her frirends about their love lives (those are a bang to be reckoned with).  I also loved the fact that Sam and Riley were so perfect for each other but had to overcome personal issues in order to fit.

Two of my favourite moments included a dog episode, and the ending that had to do with Riley's job and her excuse to finally overcome her doubts and try and win her handsome man.

Just one Night, by Lauren Layne, is the third book in the Sex, Love & Stiletto series, which I think is the perfect read if one is looking for amazingly alive and funny girl characters, and a romance to really love.

Have a great spring break, book buddies!

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