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martes, 15 de abril de 2014

First book haul

Hi, book buddies, are you enjoying the spring break yet? I certainly am. Yesterday it was my mum's birthday so I took her to the cinema. We saw Noah, and it was mind-blowing! A very creative mixture of fantasy, horror, special effects, moral issues and love and sacrifice. It left me with the feeling that nobody is good enough, but you still have to try. And you'll never know if you succeed in the end. Quite disturbing in good and bad ways. Totally worth it. Have you seen this film?

Anyway, on to the books! :o) This week has been pretty hectic, but on the bright side I got a nice bunch of books for review. Most on the steamy side. Ah, it must be spring.


I'm thrilled to be reading these books. What about you? Have you gotten any new books that you'd like to tell me about? If you link to your book haul, I'll come by and visit you.

Right now, I'm starting a Read-a-thon for the week. The photo album of my progress can be found on Facebook. How much are you planning to read?

Have a great spring break!

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