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martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Your Captivating Love is wonderfully romantic

I feel happy to come back to this family of brothers and sisters. It's like reuniting with friends that I recognize and cherish. This time, it's the CFO's turn to find true love and the chance to keep it.

Logan and Nadine's sensuality sizzled between them from the start. Add to that a healthy dose of attraction to each other's qualities, and the perfect setting for a romance is born.

I liked the fact that they're hesitating to embark on something serious, or risking hurting the other by not taking it seriously enough, because they have their issues with past broken hearts. Besides, Nadine is handling a new business and Logan is doesn't want to ruin his brother's fiancée's friendship with her. Of course, the lovely and exhilarating part is that they can't help being drawn to each other. Swoon!

Even though I like the family element, I never want it to interfere in the couple's time too much. Logan's family is sweet, fun and meaning, yet never overwhelming. Good. Every scene with the Bennett family was filled with brotherly banter, sisterly support and with, and I fell in love with this beautifully united and caring group of siblings. Next romance in store for the third novel is actually one I'm eagerly anticipating because of all that's happened in this story. I really want to read about that one.

The narrative is agile so the story really flows with pleasure. Logan and Nadine's romance is satisfying on all accounts. His overprotective attitude and her independence clash just enough to feel real, but then mold wonderfully well to make the reader sigh with contentment. The steamy scenes are plenty, marked with his dominating brand of care that is so hot and tender at the same time.

With all the sweet gestures and a little conflict, the whole story ended up being cozy, romantic, fun and heart-warming. I do believe this series is a keeper.

Find it and the author!

Enjoy :o)

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review. So happy you enjoyed it <3