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miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Off the Clock is amazing + giveaway

I admit to being drawn to the slightly naughty premise, but oh, my friends, this book, this book!, it is SO much more. Please, read it, I beg of you...

Off The Clock

MY OPINION: A provocative premise that's backed up with strong characterization and superb writing. The author's style is meditated, inspired at humor and emotion, and with a potent sense of sensuality.

I'm impressed with this novel. It has that funny, sexy quality that comes with taboo topics, forbidden proposals that break or bend rules. Yet its most valuable feature is that it doesn't stop in the surface, just going for the tantalizing effect which, of course, has in spades. No, it delves deeper into human nature. Both Donovan and Marin are wounded human beings, touched by horrific tragedy. Still they push forward with immense bravery.

They meet at University in circumstances that will make you smile, pant and crave more. Hidden fantasies and voice recordings are involved, a lot of feeling and pain too. Then, fate pushes them apart but when they cross paths again it is like a fireworks festival. I loved the initiatives they are working on to help people overcome their intimacy issues and understand themselves better. I got quite hot and bothered and happy with their dancing around a forbidden relationship, misunderstandings, intense chemistry that translates into beautifully sensitive sensuality, and how deeply attraction and behaviour are influenced by our past and our sense of self-worth.

I'm in awe with this story. I've been completely swept away by its brilliant depth and the evolution it goes through that was totally unexpected. The author has taken two characters and breathed life into them with touching family issues, well-developed work environments that deal with therapy and healing, and a flawed approach to relationships that is relatable and heartfelt. I truly enjoyed this couple as they experience a bond laced with pain and broken expectations but also an infinitely playful and bold sensuality. 

Oh, that moment when they agree to explore their attraction because of reasons that will blow your mind when you read the book. The passion between them turned into scenes that literally pulsed with life and arousal. I myself felt all their physical and emotional elation, and also the dramatic consequences of the illicit situation. There was so much going on at the end with work, family, past traumas and future possibilities, my heart was squeezed to a pulp. In the end, it all made sense and I was content, satisfied and utterly in love.



Overtime has never felt so good…
Marin Rush loves studying sex. Doing it? That’s another story. In the research lab, Marin’s lack of practical knowledge didn’t matter, but now that she’s landed a job at The Grove, a high-end, experimental sex therapy institute, she can’t ignore the fact that the person most in need of sexual healing may be her.
Dr. Donovan West, her new hotshot colleague, couldn’t agree more. Donovan knows that Marin’s clients are going to eat her alive unless she gets some hands-on experience. And if she fails at the job, he can say goodbye to a promotion, so he assigns her a list of R-rated tasks to prepare her for the wild clientele of The Grove’s X-wing.
But some of those tasks are built for two, and when he finds Marin searching for a candidate to help her check off her list, Donovan decides there’s only one man for the job—him. As long as they keep their erotic, off-the-clock activities strictly confidential and without strings, no one will get fired—or worse, get attached…

Find the book:
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1kuhP8f
The Book Depository: http://bit.ly/1P0DwoM
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1ZCqyFq

Read an excerpt
Donovan stared out the window at the grounds and tucked his hands in his pockets, centering himself and bringing the focus back to the task at hand. “I want you to succeed here, Marin. Don’t doubt that. I’m going to train you to the best of my ability, and I have full confidence that you’ll catch on quickly. As for our past, I think we’re both grown-ups and can leave that where it is.” He paused, trying to let go of his dour thoughts and channel some levity. He smiled at his reflection in the window. “Unless you need to profess some undying love that’s been burning for me since you let me divest of your virginity?”
Marin’s whirling work-related thoughts skidded to a halt, all of them falling off the edge at Donovan’s comment. Her lips parted.
But Donovan spun around, a devilish smile on his handsome face and his hands still tucked in his pockets. “That’s how it’s supposed to go, right? The guy who takes the V-card always has a special place. Research has proven it.” He put his hand on his chest. “Come on, did you write my name in your notebooks with a heart around it? You can tell me. I’m a doctor.”
A choked laugh escaped her. “Research doesn’t say any such thing. Plus, your name would be too long to fit in a heart. And if you recall, I walked away from you that night, doctor. So you were probably the one pining over your misguided night with a teenager.”
He chuckled, the sound as rich and warm as she remembered. It softened some of those hard edges he’d acquired in the years since she’d known him, gentled the icy blue in his eyes. “Of course I was. There was bad poetry written. Sad songs played. I went through this weird emo/goth phase. It wasn’t pretty.”
“I’m sure,” she said dryly. But let out an internal sigh of relief at his shift in mood. This was the Donovan she remembered. He was still in there somewhere. She could work with that guy. She wasn’t so sure about the other.
He grinned, unrepentant. “See. You’re going to do just fine. There are two important requirements to work in this field: shamelessness and a sense of humor.” He raised a finger. “Oh, and the ability to keep a straight face no matter what.”
He gave her a super-serious therapist face.
She tried to give her own back to him, but she lost the staring contest and laughed.
He pointed at her. “All right. Elephants slain?”
He still hadn’t told her what he’d been doing in the parking lot in that half-dressed state, but it really wasn’t any of her business. “Sure. Bleeding on the floor.”
“Aw, poor elephants.”
He slipped off his suit jacket, hooked it around the back of his chair, and sat behind his desk in one gracefully executed maneuver—all confidence and swagger. The accomplished doctor. The ridiculously beautiful man. Donovan West was pure impact.
She had a feeling he was probably loved or hated around here, not much in between. He was a man who inspired reaction. He’d sure as hell always inspired one in her. Just not one that had any place at work.
Stop it. She sat up straighter, studiously ignoring how well his shoulders filled out that dress shirt, how the blue of his tie matched his eyes, and how his dark hair looked thick enough for her fingers to get lost in. Nope. Totally wasn’t going to pay attention to any of that.

About the mastermind

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them. Since then, her flirting skills haven’t improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has. Though she’ll forever be a New Orleans girl at heart, she now lives in Dallas with her husband and son. 

If she’s not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching reality television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to rockstars, er, rock concerts. Yeah, that's it. She is the National Bestselling Author of The Loving on the Edge series from Berkley Heat.

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Try this amazing story, book buddies, you are just going to fall in love right away! :o)

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