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martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

More to read

Hey, book buddies, how are your doing this week? Any interesting books you'd like to recommend? Or new recipes you've tried? I'm all in either way ;o)

Today I want to share my opinion about MORE, by Lea Griffith. It's a contemporary romance high in thriller and sexy BDSM elements.

What attracted me at first was that the female character is blind. I was curious as how that would affect the romantic relationship and the way the author would reflect it on other aspects of the story.

On the one hand, Tobias is a haunted man. He's reining in his dark urges to dominate because he thinks they're too much for Ruthie. He's confronted one night with her own submissive desires. However, he loves her too much to hurt her even when she's asking for a deeper commitment.

I really liked the prologue because it shows the longing of both characters, her complete surrender and his struggle to stop himself from going too far. That's why it hurt more when he rejected her. I felt all those painful emotions.

I also liked that, despite a long absence, she shows up to reclaim her man. She's all fire and compliance, a heady mix Tobias finds hard to resist. I understand why he denies them both, but I really wanted to know what they were capable of doing together once they were free to explore this new level of intimacy. He pushes hard in one direction, and she retaliates pushing harder for the forbidden pleasures he keeps from her.

Besides this war, there's also a bunch of characters that interact with the protagonists. I think they're having their own story told. I'm particularly intrigued by Dante as well as Sol, a secretive man in search of a woman he hasn't met but is in danger.

Also, Ruthie is a painter and blindness has made her stand out from other artists. That's when a side plot comes into play about a dangerous man and his desire for her to paint on commission.

There are several interesting points in the novel. Ruthie is remarkably willful and strong for a submissive. Even though Tobias denies them both for a long time, when he finally relents, it takes him a log of coaxing and teaching to turn her instincts into a proper obedience to his demands. It was a very entertaining process.

Despite the fact that the writing style was too descriptive for my taste, I was engaged in the story because it entailed the discovery of Dom/sub mechanics, a violent Mafia plot and the poetic world of painting.

All in all, it's an enjoyable story full of stubborn love, sacrifice, sensuality and a peek at other cool characters' plot lines.

Favourite quote:
The touch of the crop was a fire-breathing dragon and she wanted to revel in the flame.


All or Nothing # 2
By: Lea Griffith
Releasing February 10th, 2015

Sure to please fans of erotic romance, Lea Griffith’s All or Nothing series returns to the deepest places of longing and obsession.

Three years ago, Ruthie Copeland ran away from an erotic connection that shook her to the core. Now she realizes that Tobias Edwards is the only man who can give her what she craves. Determined to reignite the dangerous flame between them, Ruthie seeks him out at The Underground—and discovers a changed man. Though Ruthie, blind since childhood, cannot see the scars on Toby’s face that forced him to seal off his heart, her gentle submission eases the pain of her body’s only Master.

Toby stopped feeling after Ruthie left, stopped expecting to find release in meaningless dominance play. Now that Ruthie has taken their dance to the limits of ecstasy, Toby’s lost in a haze of sensation. Yet the enemies that left him disfigured may reappear at any moment. Ruthie’s love gives him the strength to face those who seek to break him, but Toby fears he must leave her to save her life.

More is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Buy Links:   Amazon | Barnes | iTunes | Kobo


 (Paola’s Bookshelf, 2/2 | I am, Indeed, 2/18)

Three years ago

Excitement thrummed through Ruthie’s body, matching the rhythm of the music coming from Tobias’s house and setting fire to her blood. She could taste him in her mouth, feel his hands on her skin, and smell him with every deep inhale. He was a part of her now. She wasn’t going to be able to shake Tobias Edwards.
She’d had Stanton bring her here tonight. Tobias had asked her to wait for him, told her he had business to attend for her brother, Jeremiah, and then he’d come to her. He’d called her on his way home so she knew his approximate arrival time at her apartment, but Ruthie was so primed to tell him her decision she’d been unable to wait for him to come to her.
So here she was, walking up his drive, Stanton at her side. She prayed he couldn’t feel her trembling. Tobias’s house sat on a large wooded lot about thirty minutes outside Atlanta. She’d fretted the entire drive, worried about how she’d decided to put her plan in motion.
The wind blew the treetops, leaves crinkling beneath her feet. It was autumn and the nights cooled quickly. She drew in a deep breath, letting the crisp air soothe her.
There was so much she had to show him tonight; so much she wanted to give and take in return. She was determined to push past her own fears. She craved Tobias with a bone-deep conviction. It was time to show him she was everything he needed. It was time to submit to him on every level.
“Here we are. You’re sure you want me to leave, Miss Copeland?” Stanton asked with a catch in his voice.
She cocked her head, trying to decipher the hesitation in his voice. “Stanton, that’s my man in there. I think I got this,” she murmured.
“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, a smile in his voice as he stepped aside.
Ruthie reached up, feeling her way along the brick exterior before she found the alarm pad and punched in the code. The locks disengaged. Anticipation raced over her skin, heightening the tension between her legs and beading her nipples.
There was a tremor in her thighs, and she pressed a hand to her stomach as she took a deep breath. Tobias had waited for her, telling her over and over that kink wasn’t something he had to have. He loved everything about her, insisting he would never demand submission—he was content to simply be with her any way she’d let him.


Lea Griffith began sneaking to read her mother’s romance novels at a young age. She cut her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, and Garwood. A firm believer that love makes the world go round, she still consumes every romance book she can put her hands on, but now she writes her own.
Lea lives with her husband and three teenage daughters in rural Georgia. Two dogs, a cat, and a beta fish named Coddy George complete a family that is always in motion. When not working at the EDJ, she’s usually at her keyboard, using every spare second to write. Science fiction, paranormal and contemporary romance, oh my! Nothing is off-limits when it comes to her writing.


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Good luck, book buddies! :o)

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