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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

There is something Primal about you

Don't you feel sometimes as if you could go a little bit primitive? What better way than with a book as handsome and primal as this fellow? ;o)


A guilty pleasure, that's what this is. From the first page, there's action, lust and a good romantic plot.

What I liked the most about Primal is that Adam is not presented as a Dom, but as a man who's intent on protecting those who are in need and who open up to desires that leave them vulnerable, physically and emotionally.

Overwatch, the club he owns, is the perfect projection of this alpha male's dual psychology. It caters to both his need to protect, to watch over his clients, and the craving to dominate that's embedded in him.

I also loved how raw and powerful his sensual energy is. It really radiates from him as Olivia, the lady under his strong spell, quickly realizes when she's saved from assailants by this alluring stranger.

A knight to the rescue in more than one sense. At forty four, Olivia is a self-assured, independent psychologist who tries to rationalize her doomed relationships. It was a lot of fun to see Olivia go through all the stages from bewilderment to excitement and surrender to this new world of self-awareness. BDSM was never more appealing than when delivered by a tattooed, intense, ex-military lover.

Also, I enjoyed the tour Adam gives Olivia of his club, exploring everything in detail. Very enlightening. There, we meet several co-workers whose looks and stories are worth a million too! I think I'm hooked on Sharp ;o)

Their chemistry is beautiful, so when the drama of their differences explodes between them, it's really meaningful. Adam's past and present activities should come out into the open if she really wants this miraculous relationship to last.

Favourite quotes:

Adam, the first man. Was there nothing about him that wasn't powerful?

We all need some softness and acceptance in our life. Do what you gotta do to get it, then don't let go.

She was built to heal, he was built to harm.

So, Primal is a hot delicacy for the senses, all of them. A guilty pleasure, and a welcome one.


by Sasha White

Genre: BDSM Erotic

Tour Organizer: N K Author Services

BDSM club owner Adam Kessler is no one’s hero. He joined the army to get away from the gang-life that had taken his brother, only to come home to heartache. He doesn’t hide his dominant side, and he doesn’t hesitate in his need to protect or enforce his particular brand of retribution on those who’ve earned it. There’s no way in hell he could walk past a man hassling a woman in an empty parking lot and do nothing. Only when the confrontation is over and the voluptuous blonde turns eyes filled with desire to him, does Adam realize he’s in trouble.
Psychologist Olivia Lang grew up with the proverbial silver spoon, and has never regretted spending more time on her career than on romance, until she meets Adam Kessler. He’s rough, tough, and ten years her junior…and she wants him.
Passion burns quick and hot between them and soon they’re caught up in an intensely carnal relationship that niether can deny. But when Olivia’s life is threatened and Adam shows her just how dangerous he can be, will it be too much for the civilized psychologist to handle, or will she truly accept the man and win her hero’s heart?
Gifted with a salacious imagination, Sasha White's decadent brand of Romance with Heat, and Erotica with Heart is all about sassy women and sexy alpha men. With a voice that is called "distinctive and delicious" by The Romance Studio, Sasha White has published over a dozen stories ranging from contemporary romance to paranormal and is recognized as one the top authors of the genre.
You can find Sasha's stories with publishers such as Kensington Aphrodisia, Berkley Heat, Black Lace Erotica, and Samhain Publishing. This Canadian author loves to hear from her readers and you can contact her through her website. www.sashawhite.net

I'd like to read more of this series, wouldn't you, book buddies? :o)

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