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lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

I'm in love with: Vice, Virtue, and Video series

Hi, book buddies! I've been meaning to bring these reviews to you for a long time, but you know, life is always interrupting our plans ;o) Have you heard of this series? I recommend it to you if you're in the mood for a fun, sexy, provoking romance with a twist.

by Bianca Giovanni


lots of steamy stuff and dirty dialogues, a male character who is a porn star and a dangerous friendship that's about to turn sinfully hot.

James is a nice guy. Yes, he's a porn star and is happy about it. However, he's good-natured and he's never mean with or about women. Everybody is aware of his magnet-like qualities that attract women by the thousands, but he always treats them with respect. He likes and appreciates them.

I liked that James is confident, but never arrogant. He knows his charms, though he's not boastful about them. What's more, family and friends also have an important role besides his encounters with women. The scenes with his friends are playful  and full of funny male bickering, while his relationship with his mother is sweet and loving.

Regarding James and Lola together, they've been friends since little kids. Nothing is as sacred as their friendship which is absolutely platonic and unbreakable. They trust each other. They comfort each other. Sex with innocent Lola is out of the question for James, even though he's plainly aware of her beauty. There is a lot of stress on that hands-off policy in James' thoughts. He's also very protective of her and can't imagine another man, a stupid, awkward young man touching his Lola that way.

I was just hoping for that forbidden moment when they unwittingly broke the invisible vow of chastity between them. Their friendship is so beautiful, I relished every sweet moment of it, but was also naughtily craving for that slip into uncharted territory. All that "won't touch her" philosophy would be all the worthier to break through for it.

When the truth about James' job explodes, it's a rollercoaster of pain and emotional intensity. I was so sorry for him because he's so nice and kind. He doesn't deserve to be punished.

So the bond between Lola and James gets tested in so many ways that it starts to get really hot, but they emerge stronger and closer than ever. The sexiness starts boiling up which results in steamy banter and even hotter, breathtaking intimacy. I loved their funny, sensual, abrupt playfulness.

Though there are still some lingering doubts about the possibility of them together as Lola is still young and James is a porn star. Lola is about to start college, all her decisions will affect her future and that includes how to proceed with her growing attraction to her best friend. On the other hand, James has to face his demons about how he copes with emotional distress by using sex as a consolation mechanism. That made me feel for him. I understand that sometimes people use certain behaviours to counter their grief, but it's only masking the effects and it never really cures the problem.

It's an emotional journey that I'm enjoying about this story as much as the friendship turned hot connection. Even though the physical attraction is so strong, I really liked that they're trying to focus on what they love about each other and how well they connect on every level.

The sex is absolutely graphic. It is fitting to the story but what I thoroughly enjoyed was the flirtation and cuddling. It was blissfully perfect, honey sweet, and I wanted Lola and James to fall in love. Sadly, it's not an easy feat for them. After all, they are best friends. The question is, with all that sizzling passion knocking on the door, for how long will they be just that?


It blew my mind that we come back to this achingly sexy friends one year after Lola graduates from college. That means several years after Lola started experimenting her first sexual steps with James.

This time, it's fun to see how used to the porno business James is. We get to visit him while he's shooting some new films. In this novel, though, things get way dark at his work. There's a plot twist that I hadn't anticipated that's both scary and exciting, and I loved all the tension, anxiety and emotional rollercoaster it brought with it.

It means a lot of pressure on James, on who he is and how he perceives himself regarding women. There are many intense moments and a lot of emotional challenge. Lola is also being more adventurous about sex. She is looking for a first full experience and a potential lover. Far from being over, the heat between Lola and James escalates. Due to their friendship, those precious moments of crossing barriers are not threatening, but deliciously intimate and funny.

The darkness in this second novel is pretty disturbing. I don't usually read stuff like that, I was able to go through it because it added so much drama to the characters' story and because it's as taxing for James as it was for me. I was sorry for his predicament. Ah, oh, all the things that keep happening!

It was dirty, intense, scary and thrilling! I couldn't stop reading. My blood was on fire. The plot and the sexiness were amazing.

Still, I was so afraid of the outcome of this horrible hole James was in. Worse, he'd dragged Lola into it and it looked so dire. In truth, what happens between them is heart-wrenching. I want to forgive him because he's been a fool and he's been pushed to his limits, but what he's done is unforgivable.

I guess it's understandably difficult to accept that two friends can remain as such despite all the hot encounters through the years. Also, can you so easily forgive a man after such a betrayal? Despite this two points, I really enjoyed myself reading these two novels.

So, I still love the dual points of view, the sweet and loving relationship this unlikely couple share, and the emotional investment this story pries out of me, but the creepy plot twist has buried its claws in my gut for good. Finally, there's so much hope at the end. Is there going to be a third book? I cross my fingers!


Have you read this series? Can you recommend any other books that are similar in style? Thank you, book buddies!

Hugs and kisses.

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