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miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2023

Too hot to handle!

Hey, book buddies :-) I tend to read books by the same authors as I know their style, yet sometimes they surprise me with something shockingly new. As a heads up, it's taboo! :-D

He’s a successful attorney with a secret craving for his too-young stepdaughter.
He wants her badly. But his wicked son wants her too…



My opinion

Highly erotic and taboo with a (un)healthy dose of family justice and mystery.

With a strong narrative, this dark romance takes the reader on a twisted journey into lust, hatred and family dynamics that could inspire the Borgias. 

The best part is the mysterious roots of the girl's fallout with her stepbrother. Why she went away, why he hates her, why she came back, and what happened to her mother. I liked the dual tension that breathes like a forbidden beast between her potential protectors or enemies, meaning, her stepfather and her stepbrother. The heat and the naughty are fully served. 

The plot includes triggering scenes of abuse and humiliation, so it takes the characters on an emotional rollercoaster, especially the young woman. They all have to deal with different toxic situations like shame, fear and jealousy. It gets intense. It also has a couple of plot twists that are both dangerous and exhilarating, though one of them is quite dark.

I have mixed feelings, though. The story has so much sex that it feels like a cheap porn movie.  I'm sure that will entice many, but to me it fell flat and I had to skip most of the numerous scenes. Indulge yourself if you're into that. I'm not in that phase of my life right now, sadly. What's more, it takes a dive into surreal revelations towards the end of the book. Not a fan of Spencer. I'd rather the story have focused on the relationship between Hugo and Aubrey.

Another thing I liked is all the family members with hints of stories and connections of their own. Combined with the menacing aura of some of them, it added flesh to the story too. Overall, it's an interesting tale that will keep you entertained if you beware of all the dark bits and the erotic fest. Or because of them.


***This is a complete mfm standalone novel with a happily ever after. Characters are of legal age and there is no romantic involvement between blood relations.***


K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

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