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miércoles, 7 de julio de 2021

I'm reading ON A WEDNESDAY

Hi, book buddies :-) It's the day! ON A WEDNESDAY is out 😀
This is my current read. Will you join me?

We met on a Wednesday.
Became enemies, then lovers, on a Wednesday.
And we made a final promise before saying goodbye, on a Wednesday …

Kyle Stanton is the cockiest playboy who has ever set foot on this university’s campus.

He’s also the last person on earth that I want to interview for my senior thesis since: 1) I haven’t forgotten how he left me hanging for a group project during our freshman year. 2) He has a tendency to believe that any woman who breathes in his direction wants him. 3) Did I mention how infuriatingly cocky he is?

If I hear him utter the phrase, “No need to stare, I’ll let you ride it up close and personal, just say the word,” one more time, I will scream.

At least, those are my initial impressions until he proposes “a perfect deal” that works in our best interest. Until one filthy kiss changes everything, and he shows me a side of himself that makes me fall in love.

We only have one semester left together, though ...

He’s bound for the professional football league, and I’m bound for London.

We promise to remain long-distance “friends,” but a brutal argument tears us apart, and we haven’t spoken to each other since.

Until now.

We met on a Wednesday.
Became everything, then nothing, on a Wednesday.
And now he's shown up to my engagement party, all these years later, on a Wednesday ...

On a Wednesday is inspired by Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

**The One Week Series features short, standalone novels that are inspired by a day of the week, an Adele song, and a steamy romance trope.


Here is my opinion

Always engaging, and I love the cover! Well, this is a mix of angsty new-adult and second-chance romance with a dash of secretive past. The famous football player is in the midst of social anger when he finds out a woman from his past is freshly engaged but not to him. 

With the usual sharp wit we are accustomed to from this author, the plot bounces between college life and the current more adult life of the characters. Even though I'm not fond of arrogant jocks who only think of fun and women, the story develops into a very interesting tug-of-war between the sports star and the journalist who interviews him against her will.

Kyle and Courtney have a complicated relationship. Pride, fame, ambition and trust issues compete to derail it along with distance and different goals. They feel a powerful attraction, but are always teasing each other mercilessly. I loved it when they were really amorous and happy prior to graduation, and I also enjoyed Kyle's super passionate way of claiming her. 

As usual, there are several layers to this story, and the jumps between past and present reveal meaningful events that affect everything. A great thing about this story is Courtney's journalist skills, Kyle's not so obvious talents beyond football, and the influence of romantic films.

The happily ever after is well earned after many exasperating misunderstandings and mistakes, and I loved Kyle's tireless belief in their chance at love. Very entertaining.

Release date: June 30th 

On a Wednesday is the second steamy romance in the bestselling One Week Series. Inspired by Adele's "Someone Like You" and it follows On a Tuesday.

Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Model: Davey Fisher


We met on a Tuesday.
Became best friends, then lovers, on a Tuesday.
And everything fell apart on a Tuesday...

 Charlotte Taylor has three automatic strikes in my book: 1) She hates me. She also claims that I'm a "domineering jerk with a huge, overbearing ego." (I do have something huge. It's not my ego, though.) 2) She takes our mandatory tutoring sessions way too seriously. 3) She's sexy as hell...And a virgin.

At least, those were her strikes before our study sessions started lasting longer than they were supposed to. Until one innocent kiss became a hundred dirty ones, and until she became the first woman I ever fell hard for.

Our future together after graduation was supposed to be set:
Professional football for me. Law school for her.

But she left me at the end of the semester with no explanation, and then she completely disappeared from my life.

Until tonight.

We met on a Tuesday.
Became everything, then nothing, on a Tuesday.
And now it's seven years later, on a Tuesday...

**This is a full length second chance romance, inspired by Adele's "When We Were Young"**

About the mastermind: Whitney G

Whitney G. is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author. Her books have been published in twelve languages.

Whenever she's not penning a new novel, you can find her blogging about self-publishing at The Indie Tea, drinking hot coffee, or traveling the world in sweater boots.

You can connect with Whitney on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: @whitneyg.author
Twitter: WhitGracia

Don't forget to sign up for Whitney's monthly newsletter here: http://bit.ly/1p9fEYF

**MESSAGE FROM WHITNEY: Affiliate links used. If you purchase something through these links, the affiliate may get awarded a commission for that purchase at no additional cost to YOU.


Enjoy your reading time!

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