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domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

I need a Mechanic in my life

He's here, book buddies, and he's a hot...




Oh, I  think I'm in love with this story. It's the sweetest kind of dirty you can find, and Alexa Riley has outdone herself.

I re-read the first chapter a few times and the result was the same. A wave of heat that obliterated every single though and just left pure sensation behind. Heat. Scorching heat.

Paine and Penelope, even their names make a good couple. The gruff, besotted mechanic and his Duchess, the rich girl who's beyond his grasp by her daddy's status and mean plans. I was glued to the pages and melting while scene after scene scorched my mind with naughty, creative passion. I even laughed with Penelope's spelling powers ;o)

Soon, overpowering lust turns into love and plans for the future, all of which her father wants to thwart. I really liked that forbidden, against-fate kind of romance, notoriously spiced with dirty talk, alpha maleness and bedroom times (and in other places too) hot enough to combust anyone spontaneously.

The plot strikes right at the heart with social class impediments, a conspiracy and a man loyal to the core. The ending was pretty sweet and luckily for us included a bonus story about Law, Penelope's hot brother and sheriff in town! The little glimpses we got from his story in the main one were fully fleshed out and now it was possible to understand why Joey was mad at him. It was so much fun! I'm honestly hooked to Alexa Riley's stories.

Mechanic_FullCover (3).jpg

Everything was fine until that innocent little rich girl walked into my garage. Since the second I laid my eyes on her, all I've wanted to do is get my dirty hands on her pure body.
There's one minor obstacle standing in my way, but I've got a plan. All I've got to do is breed her, and she’ll be mine forever.

Warning: This book is over-the-top, insta-love breeding. 
There's nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. 
If you want it hot and dirty, this is it! 
*whispers* There's a sweet smutty surprise at the end.

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My eyes move to her chest and linger there, and it makes her breathing pick up. It gives me an opening, and I’m going to take it. I stroll back over to the front of my desk and sit my ass on the edge in front of her, my legs almost touching hers.
“You could pay me with something else.” My eyes roam her body, and I let my meaning become clear. I don’t know what made me say it, but the words are out of my mouth before I can pull them back. I expect her to stand up and slap me, or her to storm out of the office, but she just wiggles in her chair a little.
“Wha-what do…” She can’t even get the words out, and I don’t make her finish, because I’m impatient. If she isn’t running then I’m going to push a little more.
“Pull up your dress up. I want to see your panties.”
Her face turns red, but she grabs the hem of her skirt like she’s going to do it. But instead she just bunches it in her hands, her knuckles going white. Is she really this f*cking shy? Nobody who looks like her, who’s dressed like that, is shy. She’s a rich duchess coming into a place like this and asking for it. F*ck it, if she wants to play shy, I’ll help her out.
Leaning forward, I grab her by the arms, her soft skin like silk against my fingers. I pull her to me so her legs go on either side of my large thighs as I stay seated on the edge of the desk. She lets out a squeak in response but makes no move to stop me. Interesting. I had no clue this would be so easy.
Reaching down with my stained hand, I flip her dress up, revealing white satin panties. Her legs are spread just enough that I can see a ...

Want more? Then you'll need a copy for yourself ;o)



I'm Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn't find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.
Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can't let the other soccer moms know what I'm up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they've got nothing on my dirty talk.
I'm here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I'm what you're looking for.
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Enjoy, my lurid friends ;o)

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