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miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

The Tryst series begins

And I'm happy that I could jump on in right away. I liked this first part a lot. Wanna know why, book buddies? :o)

Nice, sexy, and too short for its own good. Addicted to serial novellas as I am, I felt compelled to try this story, which turned out to be quite entertaining. It's well written, full of beginnings and promises, and mysterious enough to make me want to read on.

Lyla is about to start her new life after college, moving in with her boyfriend. Fate, though, hands her a bitter disappointment. Luckily, even if for a little while, she crosses paths with an experience that marks her forever.

I felt intrigued by Jaxon from moment one. He's the silent type, but he says the right thing at the right time. What's more, he treats Lyla as she deserves, proving he knows her better than her underwhelming boyfriend. 

I liked him very much. Though I thought that Lyla didn't act too shattered by the events that led her to Jaxon's arms, I absolutely relished their hot times together

So that open-ended cliffhanger and a beautiful gesture from Jaxon are my cues to crave more of this little romantic tryst.

(The Tryst Series #1) 
by Marie York
Release Day Blitz
May 6th, 2015

Dark and mysterious, Jaxon Reed is Lyla Scott’s living breathing sexual fantasy. There’s one problem, though. She's with Kyle, the love of her life. She shouldn't feel this way about anyone else, right? But when disaster strikes with Kyle, she can't help but wonder about Jax. Lyla doesn't usually do this, but could a steamy tryst be the answer to her heartbreak?

About the  Mastermind 

An American writer who works the corporate circuit by day but come nightfall transforms into a steamy writer. She loves the city life and a good cocktail.


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