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lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Hard to resist The Don

Hey, book buddies. Are you a fan of mafia books? There is something deliciously wicked about them, so I had to taste this first glimpse into The Stud Mafia series by Elle Raven and Aimie Jennison. It was a lot of fun, that's for sure ;o)


What will you find in The Don?

- A stud mafia boss

- A woman intent on saving her brother

- A deal with a lusty devil

With all that said, it’s no wonder this is one hell of a ride. Wildy erotic and violent, this story will leave any reader hot, bothered and entertained to the fullest. The author has a no-nonsense writing style, with a lot of passionate Italian moods and swearing, so don’t expect poetic words.

I think it’s original in the sense that our Don is a 45-year-old crime lord in Australia. He’s dirty mouthed, goes to Church on Sunday and kills traitors with his bare hands. Despite being a notorious criminal, he can be somewhat understanding with his newly acquired plaything.

Sierra faces a crazy challenge in her far-from-a-fairy-tale life: in order to pay off  her brother’s debt, she throws herself into a pact with a scarred, violent devil. Honestly, their first encounter is quite hot and graphic, but I’d have preferred a bit more of a build-up, more sensuality and anticipation before he becomes besotted with her, and before she just melts for him. Like a kind of aggressive and twisted Prince Charming, he sweeps Sierra off her feet and sets her up in his mansion, taking care of everything in her life. All the steamy scenes are quite mind-blowing.

Then, the horrors of his past and his criminal life start to accumulate and threaten his growing, but grudgingly so, relationship with her. A lot of emotional turmoil takes place in the final phase of the story. Sierra realizes she’s falling for Sebastiano, but he won’t relent to the softer kind of feelings. Not until a big tragedy strikes them.

I enjoyed this part when all hell breaks loose and the familia joins forces to face this threat. Even Lorena, the flirting daughter of the Don, shows her inner strength. She’s a real Mafia Princess. Maybe there’s a story of her own in there!

I must admit that Sebastiano’s idea of revenge caught me unaware. He’s beyond brutal. His methods are so sick you wouldn’t believe what he does to punish his enemies. There are some pretty disturbing scenes in this story. Be warned, be awed! Sebastiano is as scarred inside as his face, rejecting all possibility of love. He won’t love and won’t allow himself to be loved. That’s why Sierra, and the reader, suffers the most. It was quite endearing to see them fight the inevitable.

Despite the down-to-earth, far-from-pretty writing style, which fits the Mafia atmosphere, I liked reading The Don because it was brutal, entertaining, sexy and fun.

The Don: Sebastiano

SERIES: Book One - Stud Mafia Series
AUTHORS: Elle Raven & Aimie Jennison
Release Date:  November 2nd, 2014

Power. Greed. Revenge. Submission. 

Sierra Winters never planned on falling for the most powerful man in Sydney. 

One minute, she's an everyday twenty-eight year old working class office girl the next, she is being blackmailed by Sebastiano Morassi, Sydney's influential crime family boss, to settle her brother's debts. 

Sierra knows she should never have gone to him to "save" her brother but she is captivated by him. His monstrous size, his malicious evil glare and more frightening is the scar that marks his left cheek. Never has she never met or seen anyone like him. The more time she spends with this frightening yet captivating man, the harder it becomes to want to escape. 

Sebastiano Morassi is pure danger. So why does she crave him? He can make her tremble with fear and make her hairs stand on end but he also has a sweetness to him that tugs at her heart. Sierra soon finds herself merged into his world full of murder, revenge, and deceit.


US - http://amzn.to/1sPDgxa
UK - http://amzn.to/1wMa8Lz 

Walking back into the church, I found Sebastiano on the steps in front of the altar. He looked agitated and ruthless as I observed him, toying with his rosary beads. His shirt looked like it had been haphazardly ripped open. He didn’t resemble the man I knew; a man who could be harmless, soft and so sweet at times. But deep down, I know he wasn’t.
His eyes cut into mine as I approached him. And I could see it: the darkness that lay beneath. It only took one look from Sebastiano to make me tremble. Still, those looks of warning didn’t stop the traitorous feelings inside me. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to him. I should have stayed away from him, but I didn’t want to. The pull was too strong, too urgent. 
I reminded myself that inside this man’s body, his head, lurked a monster I had yet to be introduced to.


Elle Raven is a new and upcoming Aussie author who lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband and three young children. Elle can usually be found with her iPad or laptop computer permanently glued to her. She began writing from a very young age. In fact Elle used to write plays and musicals when she was in high school. Having such a flamboyant personality she even performed in them herself Always an 'actress' and always the star. 
Elle loves reading and writing about an alpha-male hero. If she can't read about one that is alpha enough to suit her she will take it upon herself to write one. 
Elle's books will feature an alpha-male hero who will come tumbling to his knees in lust and love when he finally meets the heroine of his dreams. Rest assured that in an Elle Raven book, the hero will never cheat. 
Elle would love to hear from you. Please email her or visit her Facebook page. She loves connecting 
with people and having a chat with the readers about her books or any other books you may have in common.


Aimie is a Yorkshire lass living in Western Australia, with her three boisterous boys and her husband. Aimie loves to people watch; it’s her favourite way to come up with new characters and stories. So next time a stranger is staring at you in the street, don’t panic, it could be an author basing a character on you.

Aimie has always loved to read and write. Her favourite place to listen to her characters is at the beach.

Aimie would love to hear from you. She would be happy to receive an email or post on her Facebook page; she loves chatting with likeminded bookworms.

Are you willing to try a mafia book?

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