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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2022

Let yourself be his Brutal Conquest

Hi, book buddies :-) With a title this brutal, the story has to be intense, right? :-D

Brutal Conquest

Series: Brutal Hearts #2
Author: Lilith Vincent
Genre: Mafia Forbidden Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2022

She stole my birthright, so I’ll claim her by any means possible.

I was banished from my family two years ago by my Pakhan and brother, and any mention of the Belyaevs makes me burn with red-hot anger.

I’m no longer heir to the Belyaev crime family fortune.

But she is.

Zenya Belyaev, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s the mirror of my soul.

The second half of my treacherous heart.

The key to my future as the most powerful man in the city.

Our love is forbidden fruit. Zenya burns from the shame of wanting me,

but I will sink my teeth into her heart and make her lick the juice from my lips.

She thinks one taste is enough for me after wanting her all these years?

Princess, I’m only just getting started.

Author’s note:

Brutal Conquest is a standalone MF romance with forbidden themes, breeding,

an eighteen year age gap, a jealous and possessive alphahole uncle (no blood relation)

and a sweet but strong virgin heroine.

The story is dirty and delicious, so please read at your discretion.





Villainous, violent, and viciously dirty.

Russian mafia meets obsessed alpha male with a decadent twist.

I wasn't sure about the theme at first, and I'm not going to say it's just easily forgettable. Far from it, the slightly incestuous link between the characters is at the core of this novel. It is its juice. Yeah, it's that naughty.

The forbidden and the crossing of lines are fundamental pillars of the appeal for readers who feel titillated by the walk on the knife edge. Uncle Kristian and his niece make a powerfully charged couple.

What I like the most about this novel is that it is not straightforward. Even the timeline is zigzagging from the start, which I believe adds depth to the plot and layers to the characters' relationship. Also, the sheer hotness of their interactions is magnificent. There's evolution in the characters, too. They act according to their experiences as they fight enemies, betrayal, power dynamics, forbidden lust, and a bond that defies age, family and law.

So it's this man against the world when it comes to claiming a mafia empire on the brink of disaster and the mafia heiress who can rule them all. I loved that she doesn't make it easy for him, that there's this deep need between them despite the mistrust and the taboo.

What about his penchant for blood? Wow, that man is a god of wrath! He knows how to exact revenge in the name of his beloved alright. Some scenes are creepy :-D

The story reaches a point where it tanks into a blood slash lust fest, where the protector goes quite insane in his crusade to claim his queen. I't entertaining, don't get me wrong, but I enjoyed it more when the couple leaves their frenzy behind and concentrate more on power, family and relationships. The final part is full of danger and emotion, and luckily happiness, too.

Read and loved:

#1 Brutal Intentions

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Lilith Vincent is a steamy mafia reverse harem writer who believes in living on the wild side!

Why choose one when you could choose them all.

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Enjoy your naughty reading ;-)

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