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jueves, 23 de julio de 2015

Can you say no to a Beautiful Regret?

I don't think I could ever regret reading this ;o)



With an easy-going style, this first part-novella engages thanks to a double premise. First, old friends who reunite and ignite an attraction that erupts over everything in their lives.

And then, the most provocative part: she is an escort and he is the rich man who hires her. That's quite catchy.

In particular, because there is a catch in the sense that the female character has emotional scars due to her upbringing.

I liked the dynamics between Ivory and Jax. The chemistry is palpable, yet she refrains from giving in at first because of her toxic idea of love. This story felt a bit rushed at times, and a few lines of dialogues or description were somewhat strange, but in general I enjoyed it very much. And that amazing cliffhanger was as shocking as promising!


Publication Date: June 24, 2015 
Also in this series: Naked Desire 

Beautiful Regret E-Book Cover

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Synopsis: VIP- Where sexy alpha males hook up with single ladies ...
Perfect Match: Ivory Montgomery 
Contract Details:
  • Companion to social events and business trips
  • Female
  • Red Hair
  • Green Eyes
  • At least 5'6" tall
  • Fun
  • Sociable
  • Athletic
There was a time when I thought staying single wasn't such a bad thing. Then I meet my next client, Jax Sterling, a billionaire. He turns my world on its axis. But the problem is there will never be anything between us. I don't date clients. Jax is gorgeous, powerful, protective, and had my heart a long time ago. The more time we spend together, the more I crave to be with him. I can't resist his touch. He seduces my mind. Plays with my senses, and consumes me with unyielding pleasure. For once, I feel unbroken. I want Jax. Then a lifelong secret threatens to keep us apart. 

  Author Note: 
This is part one of a three-part series. The main characters in this book are originally from a published short story standalone titled, At Your Mercy. It's been extensively rewritten. 
  **If you're allergic to hot sex, kinky language, or alpha millionaires, this book may not be for you. This book is for readers 18+ years of age.


Rhyme Devereux
Rhyme Devereux is an adult romance writer. She is married with children, and two dogs living in Pennsylvania. After turning ... a certain age, Rhyme realized that she's a late bloomer (and wears that label with pride). Her passion for reading transitioned into writing romance books to share with other readers. When she's not writing or daydreaming about characters, and plot twists, you can find Rhyme being a housekeeper, tutor, chef, referee, loving mother, and wife. And if she has some spare time, you will catch her lying in bed wearing holey pajamas, while reading a good romance or mystery-thriller. Thanks for wanting to get to know Rhyme better. But by far, her books are much more exciting.


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Good luck, book buddies :o)

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  1. Hey! Love your honest review :) And thanks for supporting an indie author!