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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Slave Girl: historical serial with a steamy side

I can't begin to describe how happy I am that I discovered this author on one of my frenzied internet sprees. Book buddies, you have to visit LISA CACH's website and get to know her work. Just gorgeous.

Now, SLAVE GIRL is to blame for my latest fan-love. It's the first part of a historical serial that has enslaved me with its beautiful writing and steamy angle. I want to read everything about it!

It's my first foray into a serial that comes packed with historical background, dangerous intrigue and delights of the flesh. And with that elegant prose, it's a winner!

I truly enjoyed the first episode for all those reasons. Let me tell you more.

Nimia has been a powerful Roman's slave for nine years. She's been prepared to lay with him for the first time, and the lessons have awakened her female desires. Though fate intervenes in the form of a barbarian price who entices a new world of dangerous and forbidden longings in the mysterious slave.

Beautifully laid out scenes that surprise, entertain and arouse in the most delicious way. The author's narrative weaves a delicate balance between slow-burning eroticism and brutal, well-researched historical atmosphere. I enjoyed every moment of the lessons in the art of physical love that Nimia partly endures, partly anticipates. It was exhilarating to be constantly running on the edge of fear. Nimia is in a precarious position as a slave. Her master is not ordinary man, always testing her limits, teasing her unknown cravings, pushing her to spying for min and obeying his boundaries on the threat of punishment.

Every scene grows in intensity as the plot thickens. Being a slave or risk it all to freedom? Keep the past buried or grab it with both hands at the risk of everything she knows? I loved the secrets that surround Nimia's origins, how exotic they seem compared to anyone, Romans and barbarians alike. It made her more compelling as a character and opened up new venues of adventures for the future. There is a hint of esoteric power and lots of risks taken that only add to the  life-or-death atmosphere.

Pleasantly surprising, this smart, masterfully written story stands out from the lot thanks to many interesting elements:

- intrigue and political struggle in that far era

- characters driven by passion and ambition

- mysterious, exotic customs

- scenes laden with sensuality

- clever, intriguing dialogues

Clovis and Sygarious are men to be reckoned with:

- the young Frank prince who is temptation and could represent freedom or death for Nimia

- the fully mature Roman who stir a woman's senses to pleasures of the flesh but could ruthlessly take life away

Nimia is a woman torn by her situation. Reckless, young, brave, eager for freedom, beautiful in her flaws. I liked her a lot because I understand all her needs and fears, and she's in the middle of the most exciting and dangerous events. And the scene with the bull... OMG. Superb.

This is a great adventure that, fortunately, is only beginning. After such treat of lust, intrigue, ancient rites, betrayal and treacherous excitement, I can only say that I want, have to, know what awaits this slave like no other!

Favourite quotes:
I knew where my body lived, and who held the chain.
Better to own and flaunt the truth than to let it corrode our spirits from the inside.
Desire seemed such a private thing, meant to be concealed. Revealing too much of it, too honestly, would leave me vulnerable to harm.

I hope you give it a chance, book buddies. It won't disappoint you :o)

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